Author David B. Kane’s New Book ‘Teacher’ is a Mystifying Adventure That Finds Two Alien Species in an Unlikely Alliance in Order to Defeat Their Greatest Enemy

David B. Kane, who trained for two years in the art of International Taekwondo, and created two internationally known Internet shows, “Deep Throat” and “Dovid O’Cathain,” has completed his new book, “Teacher”: a compelling and spellbinding fantasy of an otherworldly conflict that threatens to wipe out two species if they cannot learn to tolerate one … Read more

Author Jeffrey Watson’s New Book ‘Jesus and Mary on the Bittersweet Path’ Merges the Style of a Daily Devotional With the Power of Historical Fiction

Jeffrey Watson has completed his new book, “Jesus and Mary on the Bittersweet Path: 10-Day Walks through the First Christmas and the First Easter”: a fascinating work that blends biblical and cultural insight from the first century. Author Jeffrey Watson is a gifted storyteller, with his skills rooted in frequent trips to the Middle East … Read more

Author Dr. Ruth Hayes’ New Book ‘If I Can, You Can’ is Based on a True Story About Dr. Hayes’ Life as She Was Growing Up in New Jersey

Dr. Ruth Hayes, who was born in Passaic, New Jersey, on April 5, 1929, has completed her new book “If I Can, You Can”: an encouraging and empowering work that follows the author’s tumultuous journey through life that was ultimately defined by her perseverance and steadfast faith.  As a young girl, she did something that she … Read more

Author Michael Malecki’s New Book ‘The Fuller Jewel’ is a Powerful Fantasy Tale of a Young Girl Who Must Solve the Mystery of a Magical Jewel Before Time Runs Out

Michael Malecki, who previously worked in tech helping to repair computers, has completed his new book, “The Fuller Jewel”: continues the captivating adventures set within the Vane Isles, where a mysterious power lies dormant within a precious treasure. “Previously in the ‘Knotted Cord’, Mite Mannies had come to the Vane Isles, and there he fulfilled … Read more

Author Joe Ginter’s New Book ‘Ditchmen 3: The Rise of Dirt Cake’ is the Thrilling Continuation of the Author’s Captivating Series Following Mr. G

Joe Ginter, author of “Ditchmen 1” and “Ditchmen 2,” has completed his new book, “Ditchmen 3: The Rise of Dirt Cake”: a fascinating novel filled with suspense that follows Mr. G on his latest heroic adventure written as an enthralling screenplay.  Author Joe Ginter describes the opening shots, writing, “This beautiful, sunny late October Saturday … Read more

Author Doris Price Jacobs’s New Book ‘The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Gus’ Follows the Adventures of a Bright-Eyed Squirrel as He Sets Off on an Important Mission

Doris Price Jacobs, a caring educator, mother, and grandmother, has completed her new book, “The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Gus”: a captivating tale that follows an adventurous squirrel as he embarks on a journey to deliver his mother’s pies to the fair and the various situations he somehow winds up in. “‘The Adventures of … Read more

Coach Barnes’ New Book ‘The Recondition: A Guide to Loving Yourself Through the Trauma’ is a powerful tool for reclaiming one’s story and experiencing a healthy mindset

Fulton Books author Coach Barnes, the founder and chief executive officer of Gold Mind Thoughts™ Leadership Development and Life Coaching Services, has completed her most recent book “The Recondition: A Guide to Loving Yourself Through the Trauma”: a unique and intuitive guide for finding the light in one’s life despite the challenges one faces and … Read more

Calesa Leach’s New Book ‘Dear Mister Jesus’ is a Stirring Faith-Based Read to Encourage Young Readers to Develop Prayer as a Daily Habit Through Good and Bad Times Alike

Fulton Books author Calesa Leach, a speech pathologist with an interest in religious education, has completed her most recent book “Dear Mister Jesus”: a charming tale that stresses the importance of building a strong relationship with God and Jesus at a young age through daily prayer. “‘Dear Mister Jesus’ has been created to teach children … Read more

Author Robin Hart’s New Book ‘Smile’ is an Adorable Story That Teaches Young Readers the Healing Power of a Smile and How It Can Make Any Situation Better

Robin Hart, an author with a passion for teaching children through stories, has completed her new book “Smile”: a delightful story of a lost rabbit who finds a new place to live and helps teach those around him the value of a smile. Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Robin Hart’s engaging narrative begins when a … Read more

Author Joshua Stevens’s New Book ‘Dark Legends: Rise of Darkness’ Explores a Vast Republic Far From Earth That Sits on the Cusp of a Brewing War Between 2 Factions

Joshua Stevens, a Navy veteran who has been writing all his life and holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics, with a minor in communications, has completed his new book “Dark Legends: Rise of Darkness”: a captivating and gripping adventure that finds one brave hero assigned to defending his galaxy from the dangerous pirate clans that … Read more