Patrick ‘Tatach’ Eustache’s New Book ‘The Greatest Man of the Second Millennium’ Brings a Historical-Psychological Play About One’s Relentless Pursuit for an Ambitious Dream

Fulton Books author Patrick “Tatach” Eustache, a retired linguist, and an author making his debut as a playwright, has completed his most recent book “The Greatest Man of the Second Millennium”: an intriguing script that follows Professor Dessalines longtime dream of centering freedom, especially for the black people, in Vertières. It’s about Haiti’s amazing contribution to … Read more

Gisela Bengfort’s New Book ‘Wolfy’s Adventure’ Follows an Unlikely Friendship Through Exciting Events and Life Changing Decisions

Fulton Books author, Gisela Bengfort, a mother and nana who loves all animals and the outdoors, has completed her first chapter book “Wolfy’s Adventure”: a delightful adventure that talks about Wolfy as she ventures through the outdoors and meets enemies and friends that will challenge her courage and decision-making skills. Wolfy’s adventure starts as she encounters … Read more

Isaac T. Russell’s New Book ‘A Real Dream of Mental Morphine’ is a Marvelous Portrayal of Making Choices That Exceed Expectations and Dealing With Unforeseen Outcomes

Fulton Books author Isaac T. Russell, a serviceman in the military and a college student, has completed his most recent book “A Real Dream of Mental Morphine”: a staggering read of a man that is about to face abrupt changes and unimagined consequences after serving in the war that puts the lives of the people he … Read more

Lady Gin D’s New Book ‘The Fear Found’ is an Eerie Read About a Mystery Case in an Unusual Town That Holds Dark Secrets and Unbelievable Truths

Fulton Books author Lady Gin D, a model, a CEO of UBrew Coffee, a CEO of Humble by Design wood design company, and a published author, has completed her most recent book “The Fear Found”:  a mystifying narrative of a town full of secrets and unsolved mysteries that a certain veteran seeks to uncover one by … Read more

Wade Olson’s New Book ‘Crossed Paths’ is a Gripping Novel About Retribution and Facing Deceit and Massive Schemes That Stand in the Way of Justice

Fulton Books author Wade Olson, an article writer for various publications and an inventory and systems administrator, has completed his most recent book “Crossed Paths”: a thrilling drama tied with deliberate plans and cunning revenge about bringing back the former glory which is taken away, Olson shares, “Henry Sayer, a New York City investor with an uncanny … Read more

David Tuttle’s New Book ‘Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales’ is a Whimsical Account That Entices Everyone to Access Their Spiritual Path With the Help of Otherworldly Beings

Fulton Books author, David Tuttle, a US Army veteran, a BS and MA degree-holder, a finance and insurance counselor, and a Reiki master, has completed his most recent book “Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales”: a spellbinding adventure of a man as he traverses his spiritual path with the guidance of the beings from the so-called other dimension. … Read more

Jennifer Breeden’s New Book ‘The Sound of a Silent Voice’ is a Heartwarming Poetry Collection Meant to Provide Comfort and Healing to Struggling Individuals

Fulton Books author Jennifer Breeden, a strong and resilient woman, has completed her most recent book “The Sound of a Silent Voice”:  an empowering volume of heartfelt poems on life’s tragedies and traumas. It aims to offer a voice to those who are both unheard and silenced. The author’s inspiring journey of personal transformation motivates the … Read more

Rev. Dr. Lorenzo Kitt Sr.’s New Book Is a Brilliant Narrative About a Family’s Worldly Desires, Fortune, and Faith

Fulton Books author Rev. Dr. Lorenzo Kitt Sr., a preacher with a doctoral in Christian education and a master’s in theology, has completed his most recent book, “Lust Sex and Left Behind”: an engrossing read about the Manner family and how they face the rapture of the church. It talks about the consequences of submitting to … Read more

Jose Peczon’s New Book ‘My Odyssey With Donna’ is a Living Testimony About Filipinos Achieving Greater Things in Life and Not Setting Limitations to Their Capabilities

Fulton Books author Jose Peczon, a husband and a retired ophthalmologist, has completed his most recent book “My Odyssey with Donna”: a promising read of a Filipino immigrant’s journey to greatness and success through constant faith in one’s self and proper guidance. It shows how the experiences and encounters with inspirational people and events molded one to … Read more

McKenzie Kooima’s New Book ‘Letters From Him’ is a Gripping Fiction About Unraveling the Past Throughout Surprising Encounters and Secret Organizations

Fulton Books author McKenzie Kooima, a brilliant author, has completed her most recent book “Letters from Him”: an engrossing read that talks about how a bunch of letters Kenna and her best friend found have led them to a secret facility in New York. As they follow the clues and get entangled in danger, will Kenna … Read more