Christina Schwabauer’s new book, ‘BUNNY’ is an endearing tale of a little girl and her stuffed bunny as they embark on their daily adventures

Christina Schwabauer, proud wife and mother has completed her new book, “BUNNY”: a playful children’s tale. Jessica and Bunny are the best of friends. Each day when Jessica wakes up, she and Bunny have a new adventure together. They read books, eat their favorite foods, play outside, and enjoy each other’s company. Published by Covenant … Read more

Author Michael Marzulli’s new book, ‘The Littlest Book in the Earth Proves the Existence of God’ is a compelling account providing evidence of scripture as the word of God

Michael Marzulli, proud husband, father and grandfather, and a dedicated teacher of scripture, completed his new book, “The Littlest Book in the Earth Proves the Existence of God”: a spiritual account meant to support God’s existence through his word in the Bible. Marzulli shares, “This book is comprised of only twenty-six pages and can be read … Read more

David Kennedy’s new book, ‘Mommy, I Have a Friend Who Once Walked on Water’ is an encouraging children’s tale to help with decision making

David Kennedy, proud grandfather with strong faith has completed his new book, “Mommy, I Have a Friend Who Once Walked on Water”: a delightful children’s tale. Kennedy shares, “Mommy, I Have a Friend Who Once Walked on Water is a book that describes situations a little girl in elementary school faces. She must make decisions on … Read more

David E. Arner’s new book, ‘Longshot to a Miracle; The Kassie Arner Story’ depicts a child’s heart wrenching battle with illness

David E. Arner, proud husband, father, and athletic coach, has completed his new book, “Longshot to a Miracle; The Kassie Arner Story”: an exhilarating and emotional tale of his daughter’s childhood illness. Arner shares, “Longshot to a Miracle tells the true story of eleven-year-old Kassie Arner and her two-month fight for her life against a very … Read more

Jerry Mitchell’s new book ‘Everything I Know’ is a stirring journey of a man who is about to discover more of life as he sees the end of the line

Jerry Mitchell, chief litigation counsel for a Fortune 500 energy company, completed his new book, “Everything I Know” just prior to his own sudden death.  It is a compelling read about a wondrous journey of reflection, faith, and discovery. In this book is the story of Dr. Miller who later found that his life of … Read more

Author Aleta Fluker’s new book, ‘Then Came That Day I Couldn’t Eat, Sleep, or Pray’ is a personal reflection meant to guide others

Aleta Fluker, minister and proud family matriarch, has completed her new book, “Then Came That Day I Couldn’t Eat, Sleep, or Pray”: a personal reflective journey. Fluker shares, “This book is written in the hopes that, through my life’s journey, I might help you overcome the results of the pain and despair that besets many of … Read more

D.C. Schorno’s new book, ‘Inspiration From a Masterpiece’ is a wonderful piece on discovering a person’s true identity designed by God

D.C. Schorno, a faithful servant of God, a Sunday school teacher, a dutiful husband and father; has completed his new book, “Inspiration From a Masterpiece”: a heartening work created to aid anyone who feels lost in their own journey. These accumulation of personal experiences, wisdom, and insights will serve as a beacon to those who … Read more

Joseph R. Lange’s new book ‘Persons of the Best Prudence’ brings a brilliant epic about bravery, prophecies, and buried truths

Joseph R. Lange, a retired systems director of facilities operations and maintenance for the Marshfield Clinic Health Systems, has completed his new book, “Persons of the Best Prudence”: a thrilling saga about the exploits of Dr. Trevor Knight as he entered the city of Salem after Father Krubel called for him. What could be the mysteries … Read more

Author Krysten Parris’ new book, ‘Kimmie Kangaroo Bakes Cupcakes’ is a delightful tale that shows the connection between science and baking

Krysten Parris, a New York native with a passion for culinary arts has completed her new book, “Kimmie Kangaroo Bakes Cupcakes”: an exciting and educational adventure! Parris shares, “Kimmie Kangaroo Bakes Cupcakes is about a young kangaroo, and her friend Jeremy Jackrabbit. The two of them learn about the chemical reaction that takes place when baking … Read more

Author Dianna DeYoung’s new book, ‘TOTALLY SURRENDERED and Completely His’ is a spiritually driven collection of miraculous tales

Dianna DeYoung, (credentials and information from ATA) has completed his/her new book, “TOTALLY SURRENDERED and Completely His”: a collection of miraculous tales. DeYoung shares, “God is not a distant dead God. He is the opposite. He is an alive, all-knowing, seeing, omnipresent, loving God. He never leaves us. You can have a daily walk and talk … Read more