Author Phillip M. Wren’s new book, ‘The Bread of Presence’ is a spiritual journey to uncovering the meaning of true covenants of the Bible

Phillip M. Wren, an Alabama native with a Masters in Divinity, has completed his new book, “The Bread of Presence”:  a work of spirituality explaining the background of the blood covenants. Wren shares, “Throughout the Old Testament, we see people like Abel, Noah, Abraham, and many others relating to God through blood and blood covenants, which … Read more

Author Michael Marzulli’s new book, ‘The Littlest Book in the Earth Proves the Existence of God’ is a compelling account providing evidence of scripture as the word of God

Michael Marzulli, proud husband, father and grandfather, and a dedicated teacher of scripture, completed his new book, “The Littlest Book in the Earth Proves the Existence of God”: a spiritual account meant to support God’s existence through his word in the Bible. Marzulli shares, “This book is comprised of only twenty-six pages and can be read … Read more

David Kennedy’s new book, ‘Mommy, I Have a Friend Who Once Walked on Water’ is an encouraging children’s tale to help with decision making

David Kennedy, proud grandfather with strong faith has completed his new book, “Mommy, I Have a Friend Who Once Walked on Water”: a delightful children’s tale. Kennedy shares, “Mommy, I Have a Friend Who Once Walked on Water is a book that describes situations a little girl in elementary school faces. She must make decisions on … Read more

David E. Arner’s new book, ‘Longshot to a Miracle; The Kassie Arner Story’ depicts a child’s heart wrenching battle with illness

David E. Arner, proud husband, father, and athletic coach, has completed his new book, “Longshot to a Miracle; The Kassie Arner Story”: an exhilarating and emotional tale of his daughter’s childhood illness. Arner shares, “Longshot to a Miracle tells the true story of eleven-year-old Kassie Arner and her two-month fight for her life against a very … Read more

Jerry Mitchell’s new book ‘Everything I Know’ is a stirring journey of a man who is about to discover more of life as he sees the end of the line

Jerry Mitchell, chief litigation counsel for a Fortune 500 energy company, completed his new book, “Everything I Know” just prior to his own sudden death.  It is a compelling read about a wondrous journey of reflection, faith, and discovery. In this book is the story of Dr. Miller who later found that his life of … Read more

D.C. Schorno’s new book, ‘Inspiration From a Masterpiece’ is a wonderful piece on discovering a person’s true identity designed by God

D.C. Schorno, a faithful servant of God, a Sunday school teacher, a dutiful husband and father; has completed his new book, “Inspiration From a Masterpiece”: a heartening work created to aid anyone who feels lost in their own journey. These accumulation of personal experiences, wisdom, and insights will serve as a beacon to those who … Read more

Author Aleta Fluker’s new book, ‘Then Came That Day I Couldn’t Eat, Sleep, or Pray’ is a personal reflection meant to guide others

Aleta Fluker, minister and proud family matriarch, has completed her new book, “Then Came That Day I Couldn’t Eat, Sleep, or Pray”: a personal reflective journey. Fluker shares, “This book is written in the hopes that, through my life’s journey, I might help you overcome the results of the pain and despair that besets many of … Read more

Joseph R. Lange’s new book ‘Persons of the Best Prudence’ brings a brilliant epic about bravery, prophecies, and buried truths

Joseph R. Lange, a retired systems director of facilities operations and maintenance for the Marshfield Clinic Health Systems, has completed his new book, “Persons of the Best Prudence”: a thrilling saga about the exploits of Dr. Trevor Knight as he entered the city of Salem after Father Krubel called for him. What could be the mysteries … Read more

Author Krysten Parris’ new book, ‘Kimmie Kangaroo Bakes Cupcakes’ is a delightful tale that shows the connection between science and baking

Krysten Parris, a New York native with a passion for culinary arts has completed her new book, “Kimmie Kangaroo Bakes Cupcakes”: an exciting and educational adventure! Parris shares, “Kimmie Kangaroo Bakes Cupcakes is about a young kangaroo, and her friend Jeremy Jackrabbit. The two of them learn about the chemical reaction that takes place when baking … Read more

Author Dianna DeYoung’s new book, ‘TOTALLY SURRENDERED and Completely His’ is a spiritually driven collection of miraculous tales

Dianna DeYoung, (credentials and information from ATA) has completed his/her new book, “TOTALLY SURRENDERED and Completely His”: a collection of miraculous tales. DeYoung shares, “God is not a distant dead God. He is the opposite. He is an alive, all-knowing, seeing, omnipresent, loving God. He never leaves us. You can have a daily walk and talk … Read more