Jessica M. Ayala’s New Book ‘Today Was Fun’ is a Charming Board Book That Talks About Ways on How to Make a Kid’s Day Fun and Unforgettable

Fulton Books author Jessica M. Ayala, a dutiful wife and mother who believes in the importance of family, has completed her most recent book “Today Was Fun”: a candid and entertaining read that promotes family bonding moments to create a better childhood for kids. This short story explores the day in the life of a boy … Read more

Published by Fulton Books, Nancy Lueder and Kay Coop’s New Book ‘Why Not Broccoli’ is a Captivating Sequel to a Page-Turning Journey of 5 Female BnB Owners

Nancy Lueder, a former legal secretary, school board member, and avid reader; and Kay Coop, a founder/publisher of school publications as well as a real estate agent, have completed their most recent book “Why Not Broccoli”:  an entertaining slice-of-life novel depicting the strong bond between five female friends who have been in each other’s lives … Read more

Sabrina Kelley’s New Book, ‘The Journey’ is a Personal Testimony That Expounds on the Author’s Healing and Redemption After a Series of Downfalls in Her Life

Sabrina Kelley, a devout child of God who founded an online website for daily encouragements called, a homeschool teacher, a loving mother and wife, has completed her new book, “The Journey: A Road in Life of Being Broken, Molested, Lost, and Having Low Self-Esteem to Becoming Healed, Restored, and Completely Redeemed!”: a page-turning memoir … Read more

Dianne Hooker’s New Book, ‘Why Fox Not’ is an Amusing Novel About a Family Who Welcomes a Fox Into Their Home Making Their Lives More Interesting and Fun

Dianne Hooker, a self-taught artist, a writer who lives in the wild north woods of Wisconsin, has completed her new book, “Why Fox Not”:  an exciting and heartfelt story about a family accepting a wild creature at home and overcoming the challenges of keeping it. They come to a great realization and find worthwhile experience … Read more

William Mandella Roland’s New Book ‘What Happened to the Village?’ Is a Compelling Exploration Into a Nation Under Indictment

Fulton Books author William Mandella Roland, a devoted believer and a loving father, has completed his most recent book “What Happened to the Village?”: an insightful discussion that tackles the pressing issues revolving around America for generations, the gradual changes that are evident, and the possible solutions to eradicate some controversies. William writes, “As time … Read more

Joe ‘The Gamer’ Petraro’s New Book ‘Buddy, My Best Friend, Moves to a Place Called Heaven’ is a Wonderful Tale About Knowing Heaven as a Paradise for Good Souls

Joe “The Gamer” Petraro, a second-grader at St. Raymond School and kid philanthropist, has completed his most recent book “Buddy, My Best Friend, Moves to a Place Called Heaven”: a moving and encouraging story about a boy who lost his beloved pet and copes with his grief by sharing his emotions with his family. He gains … Read more

Sharon Myrick’s New Book, ‘To Lay in Fear’ is an Empowering Prose That Brings Light to the Discrimination Faced by Women in the Contemporary Era

Sharon Myrick, a loving grandmother who currently resides in Pennsylvania with her precious granddaughters, has completed her new book, “To Lay In Fear”: an insightful piece that highlights the lengths a woman has to go through in order to be respected by the society she’s living in. This is a highly relevant story that follows … Read more

Author Raya’s New Book ‘I’m Not Afraid’ is an Exciting New Picture Book That’s Perfect for Anyone Who Was Ever Been Afraid to Go Into Their Basement

Raya has completed her new book “I’m Not Afraid”: a story for kids about conquering fear in everyday life. Complete with adorable, full-page, color illustrations, the story comes alive and shows kids there’s nothing to be afraid of after all. Ten-year-old Shelly begins every day the same way: hopping out of bed, washing her face, … Read more

KTRome’s New Book, ‘Healing Faith’ is an Insightful Journal That Highlights How Faith Can Cure and Transform a Person’s Life

KTRome, a respected educator who owns a daycare center and a Christian bookstore, a school board member, a fervent believer of God, a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother, has completed her new book, “Healing Faith”: a powerful testimony that provides hope to those readers who suffer from serious health conditions that could cause them their … Read more

Cheryl Pappas’ New Book’A Pig and His Pet’ is an Adorable Children’s Story About Making Friends and Taking Care of Farm Animals

Fulton Books author Cheryl Pappas, an entrepreneur, an artist, and a passionate writer, has completed her most recent book “A Pig and His Pet”:  a delightful read about a girl who loves the animals in her family’s farm and watches a friendship between a pig and a duck that grows and develops. Cheryl writes, “A … Read more