Rene Whitt Published First Book ‘The EXTRAOrdinary Skye’ for Down Syndrome Children

Rene Whitt published her first children’s book The EXTRAOrdinary Skye to teach awareness about Down Syndrome. The EXTRAordinary Skye introduces a spirited young girl who has Down Syndrome and lives life to the fullest. The character Skye is based on Whitt’s daughter that she and her husband adopted in 2014. Throughout the book, readers will see that indeed Skye is different, … Read more

Author C. G. Tiessen’s New Book ‘The Inheritors’ is a Riveting Story for Young Adult Readers That Asks the Question of What Happens to Humankind After Armageddon

C. G. Tiessen has completed his new book “The Inheritors”: a science fiction tale for young adult readers that questions what humanity’s role might be after the final battle of Armageddon is over. The novel is set in a distant future where humans have the technology to create new creatures from scratch, but they can … Read more

Ranveig Elvebakk, MD’s New Book ‘THE ORIGINS of ILLNESS: Health and Illness in the Quantum Era’ is a Brilliant Read That Links the Body’s Well-Being to the Environment

Ranveig Elvebakk, MD, a Scandinavian-born medical doctor, and fitness advocate, has completed her most recent book “THE ORIGINS OF ILLNESS: Health and Illness in the Quantum Era”: a potent analysis on how the physical environment and the human body affect each other. It studies the body’s response to the changing planet and allows readers to … Read more

Shane Townsend’s New Book ‘A Rock and a Hard Place’ is a Riveting Story of a Man Who Finds a Renewed Thrill in His Life by Robbing Banks

Shane Townsend, a material handler and forklift operator at the Resideo building in Golden Valley, Minnesota, has completed his most recent book “A Rock and a Hard Place”: a gripping narrative about an ex-convict who, due to undesirable circumstances, is forced to rob banks, only to find the rush exhilarating and addicting. Shane writes, “This … Read more

William K. Bond’s New Book ‘One Face in a Million Book 2: The Ingénue’ is a Story About One Woman’s Mission to Leave Africa for a More Interesting Life in the US

William K. Bond, a teacher and world-traveler, has completed his new book, “One Face in a Million Book 2: The Ingénue”: a story that is years in the making. William writes, “One Face in a Million is an entirely fictional story evolved over many years. The author began thinking about writing a story after he … Read more

Luiza Mkhitaryan’s New Book, ‘Christmas Presents’ is a Beautiful Christmas Tale for Kids About Embracing Good Deeds and Showing Respect to Those Around Us

Luiza Mkhitaryan, a passionate creative writer who works in the human resources management field, has completed her new book “Christmas Presents”: a lovely narrative about how one child was able to transform his rude behaviors into good ones as his own toys teach him an important lesson. Luiza writes, “I came up with an idea … Read more

Author Isbelia Belloso Leyba’s New Book ‘Are You Looking for Joy? Where?’ is a Motivational Self-Help Guide to Finding Happiness in Life

Isbelia Belloso Leyba, a life coach for over 14 years who graduated from the University of Zulia with a degree in pre-school education, studied four years of Gestalt Psychology, obtained various certifications such as the master’s in human and universal energy and the Silva Method, and trained to be a facilitator of Regressions at the … Read more

Author Phil Queen’s New Book ‘…And Hell Followed’ is a Riveting Thriller That Takes Readers Deep Into the World of an Undercover Narcotics Investigator in the Midwest

Phil Queen has completed his new book “…And Hell Followed”: a fictionalized look at the world of drug trafficking in the American Midwest as only an ex-undercover investigator could tell it. This novel draws back the curtain on the drug trade hidden in plain sight all around and gets inside the head of the law … Read more

Kathleen Cortright’s New Book, ‘Finding Jesus’ is a Wonderful and Relevant Storybook That Introduces Children to Who the Savior Is

Kathleen Cortright, a retired dental hygienist who always wanted to write children’s stories and now leads a woman’s Bible study, has completed her new book, “Finding Jesus”:  a stirring work that clearly shows readers the path that leads them to Jesus Christ with the help of the wondrous narrative found in the pages. Kathleen writes, … Read more