Author Del Wills’s New Book ‘Raw Diet’ is a Fierce and Powerful New Collection of Poetry That Gives Voice to Society’s Voiceless and Unheard

Newman Springs Publishing author Del Wills has completed her new book “Raw Diet”: a no-holds-barred poetry collection that speaks to the deep discontent she sees in an ever-declining social fabric. Wills speaks for those who have no voice and for those who are ignored when no one will listen.  Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Wills’s … Read more

Author Vivi Tran’s New Book ‘The Footprints of Her Soul’ is a Stunning Tale That Follows the Author’s Early Life and the Difficult Challenges She Faced in Vietnam

Vivi Tran, a writer from Vietnam who came to America during her mid-twenties, has completed her new book “The Footprints of Her Soul”: a gripping and powerful memoir detailing the author’s story as she faced and survived all of life’s challenges and traumas. “‘The Footprints of Her Soul’ is a story of a little girl … Read more

Author Cheryl Blanchard’s New Book ‘236 Cumberland Ave. Portland, Maine’ is a Wistful Collection of Assorted Stories Set in Maine From a Bygone Era

Newman Springs Publishing author Cheryl Blanchard has completed her new book “236 Cumberland Ave. Portland, Maine: Strange Happenings in our Young Lives”: a thorough recounting of tales from the author’s and her siblings’ recollections that haven’t been spoken of for more than 50 years.  “There are such a lot of memories for a small child at … Read more

Author Wylie Perlitz’s new book ‘The Mysterious Castle of Dr. X’ centers around six tourists who must survive the night in an old castle with a dangerous doctor

Wylie Perlitz, who lives in West Nyack with his three cats, has completed his new book “The Mysterious Castle of Dr. X”: a captivating thriller that finds six innocent tourists trapped in a large castle with potentially dangerous and unsavory hosts lying in wait. “Circa the late eighteenth century, six tourists from Vienna, ‘the big … Read more

Author George Chornbrook’s new book ‘The Chornbrook Mysteries Book Three: The Roadhouse Murders’ is the story of a murder mystery on the seas

George Chornbrook, a well-traveled writer with many stories left, has completed his new book “The Chornbrook Mysteries Book Three: The Roadhouse Murders”: a gripping story that follows Derek and Kyra DeForge as they seek to get away and enjoy some peaceful time together on a cruise, but instead find themselves wrapped up in an espionage … Read more

Author Daryn Bullock’s new book ‘The Undead City Ouroboros’ is a humorous horror story that tells the tale of a former city that was lost to zombies

Daryn Bullock has completed the new book “The Undead City Ouroboros”: a gripping and potent horror story about a town that receives reports of large bulls, zombies, and other monsters roaming the streets. The validity of the claims of monsters, zombies, and a new virus is under speculation. The report of the military being called … Read more

Marlana DeMarco Hogan’s New Book ‘Growing Up in the Torrone Zone’ is a Delightful Children’s Story About Beloved Family Traditions Being Passed Down Through Generations

Marlana DeMarco Hogan, a retired Italian teacher and the child of Italian immigrants, has completed her new book “Growing Up in the Torrone Zone”: a charming and inviting tale about an Italian family’s favorite holiday custom: making torrone. Hogan writes, “‘Growing Up in the Torrone Zone’ is a story about a hardworking little boy and … Read more