Author Wylie Perlitz’s new book ‘The Mysterious Castle of Dr. X’ centers around six tourists who must survive the night in an old castle with a dangerous doctor

Wylie Perlitz, who lives in West Nyack with his three cats, has completed his new book “The Mysterious Castle of Dr. X”: a captivating thriller that finds six innocent tourists trapped in a large castle with potentially dangerous and unsavory hosts lying in wait. “Circa the late eighteenth century, six tourists from Vienna, ‘the big … Read more

Author George Chornbrook’s new book ‘The Chornbrook Mysteries Book Three: The Roadhouse Murders’ is the story of a murder mystery on the seas

George Chornbrook, a well-traveled writer with many stories left, has completed his new book “The Chornbrook Mysteries Book Three: The Roadhouse Murders”: a gripping story that follows Derek and Kyra DeForge as they seek to get away and enjoy some peaceful time together on a cruise, but instead find themselves wrapped up in an espionage … Read more

Author Daryn Bullock’s new book ‘The Undead City Ouroboros’ is a humorous horror story that tells the tale of a former city that was lost to zombies

Daryn Bullock has completed the new book “The Undead City Ouroboros”: a gripping and potent horror story about a town that receives reports of large bulls, zombies, and other monsters roaming the streets. The validity of the claims of monsters, zombies, and a new virus is under speculation. The report of the military being called … Read more

Marlana DeMarco Hogan’s New Book ‘Growing Up in the Torrone Zone’ is a Delightful Children’s Story About Beloved Family Traditions Being Passed Down Through Generations

Marlana DeMarco Hogan, a retired Italian teacher and the child of Italian immigrants, has completed her new book “Growing Up in the Torrone Zone”: a charming and inviting tale about an Italian family’s favorite holiday custom: making torrone. Hogan writes, “‘Growing Up in the Torrone Zone’ is a story about a hardworking little boy and … Read more

Author LucSea’s New Book ‘Ask Me, I’m Mr. What’ is an Adorable Story That Invites Readers to Learn All About the Question Word ‘What’ and How to Use It in Everyday Life

LucSea has completed her new book “Ask Me, I’m Mr. What”: an educational tale that invites readers to join the jovial Mr. What as he teaches all about one of the most important question words in the English language. “‘Ask Me, I’m Mr. What’ is the second book in a series of five,” writes LucSea. … Read more

Author Eli Martin’s New Book ‘Constellation Despondent’ is the Story of a Woman in Her Twilight Years, Embarking on the Greatest Journey of Her Life

Eli Martin, mother to three teenage aliens and the wife of an Earth man, adept at managing gothic teenagers, painting terrible pictures, a lover of science fiction and horror, has completed their new book “Constellation Despondent”: a story of an unlikely hero named Evelyn Alvarez, a woman in her seventies who has been living out … Read more

Charles Adair Burnett’s New Book ‘My Way Through’ is a Potent and Moving Collection of Poetry With a Unique Sense of Musicality and a Whole Lot of Heart

Charles Adair Burnett, an achiever with a deep sense of spirituality and a passion for writing, has completed his new book “My Way Through”: a gripping and emotional collection of works born from a need to heal. “This book is one of many to come from me,” says author Charles Adair Burnett. “I’m hoping that … Read more

Author Stephen Stoller’s New Book ‘Blackjack Fowler: Private Investigator’ is the Story of a Private Investigator Who Can’t Stop Helping His City

Stephen Stoller, a protector and nature enthusiast, has completed his new book “Blackjack Fowler: Private Investigator”: a gripping story that stars a private investigator of the same name who was once a star homicide detective but under the shadow of suspicion, he has resigned and now dedicates his time to his clients and his city. … Read more

Author J Merritt’s New Book ‘Tales of Comfort’ is an Assemblage of Short Stories Crafted to Allow One’s Soul to Heal and Inspire Goodness in the Reader’s Everyday Life

J Merritt, a loving grandmother whose background includes teaching high school history, running for the state senate, and establishing her own motivational company, J Merritt—People, Quality, Service, has completed her new book “Tales of Comfort”: a series of short stories designed to soothe the soul and bring comfort to the heart. “Within these pages are … Read more