“Tree Fellas: Olly Oak” by Jon Gilbert is published

ISBN #978-1786235527 “Tree Fellas: Olly Oak” by Jon Gilbert is published Beautifully-illustrated first story in the Tree Fellas series for children aged 4 – 8 with an environmentally friendly theme About the Book: Do you ever wonder what trees do when you are not watching, climbing or hiding underneath them? Their feelings, dreams and adventures? … Read more

Update on Debut Poetry Book: The Tides of Me

Brooklyn, New York – (https://morethanaflower.com/my-debut-book-the-tides-of-me/) ReBecca DeFazio, a relatively new addition to the “Instapoet” community will be releasing her debut poetry book, “The Tides of Me” this upcoming October. She has just released a website this past month and has started blogging regularly there; one of the blog posts includes an in-depth look into The … Read more

Xlibris Publishing Author Fida Abbott’s Exploring My Ideas Won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Summer 2019

National Association of Book Entrepreneur (NABE) announced the winners of the Summer 2019 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and self-published author Fida Abbott from Xlibris Publishing bagged recognition on her book, Exploring My Ideas. Under the category of Short Stories, Exploring My Ideas has joined the roster of the Summer 2019 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards that … Read more

Elite Online Publishing Launched a New Bestselling Book for Elite Journals

Elite Journals introduced the new book “Goals Daily Planner: High Performance Time Management Undated Planner | Calendar, Gratitude & Goals Journal | Increase Productivity | Undated Monthly Weekly Day Planner | Keep Track of Daily Progress” which climbed quickly up the charts to be a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. September 6, 2019 09:00 AM Mountain … Read more

“A Beloved Cousin” by Barbara Anne Machin is published

ISBN #978-1786235770 “A Beloved Cousin” by Barbara Anne Machin is published An excellent trilogy of stories involving a range of human feelings and emotions About the Book: “A Beloved Cousin” is a varied collection of three stories dealing with love, betrayal, jealousy, guilt and deception. In each story, we follow different characters as they make … Read more

“Answers In Simulation” book published

“Answers In Simulation” by Iurii Vovchenko was recently released on Amazon. It is a fictitious story about a group of middle-class young people living in Seattle. They lead a typical millennial lifestyle, which is mostly comprised of working tech jobs during the day and playing computer games during the night. The story is fast-paced, entertaining … Read more

Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) announces the launch of book “Wax Polishes Manufacturing Handbook with Process and Formulae”

Wax Polishes Manufacturing Handbook with Process and Formulae (Automobile, Industrial, Leather, Furniture, Floor, Marine, Metal and Shoe Polish) released by Niir Project Consultancy Services, provides comprehensive information on Wax and Polishes Manufacturing businesses. Major products in the book are formulations and manufacturing process of auto polish and wax products, furniture polish, leather polish, marine polish, … Read more