Margaret Mason Matthes’ New Book ‘Beyond This Dimension” is a Riveting Pursuit for Answers in a Dimension That’s Nowhere Near Ordinary

Margaret Mason Matthes, a writer with a degree in library information sciences, has completed her new book, “Beyond This Dimension”: an exciting thriller that unravels a place of mysteries, secrets, and perhaps the supernatural. Margaret writes, “Have you ever been driving in the car and came to a steep hill on the road and wondered … Read more

Luis E. Sweeney’s New Book ‘The System of Things III: I Took a Stand’ is an Awe-Inspiring Read About a Man Taking a Stand and Finding Closure in His Life’s Challenges

Fulton Books author Luis E. Sweeney, a law enforcement officer who became the first black trooper to retire in their district, has completed his most recent book “The System of Things III: I Took a Stand”: a brilliant account that follows John, a man who is facing a series of adversities that revolve around his … Read more

Author George Crocker’s New Book ‘1919 a Time of Harvest’ is the Story of 2 Men and Their Bonds During a Challenging Time in US History

George Crocker, a WWII vet, has completed his new book “1919 A Time of Harvest”: a gripping and potent story of David, an orphaned young man and Ben an older man who volunteered as an ambulance driver in France during WW1 and the friendship they formed together. Published by Newman Springs Publishing, George Crocker’s stirring … Read more

Authors J. Daniel and R. J. Konczyk’s New Book ‘The Covenant of God: Divine Unity’ is an Inspirational Work Guiding Humanity Off of the Ledge and Back to Faith

J. Daniel and R. J. Konczyk, a pair of authors guided by their spiritual beliefs, have completed their new book “The Covenant of God: Divine Unity”: a potent tale meant to guide humanity back to the Kingdom of God. The authors share, “Humanity is currently standing at the threshold of the Kingdom of God on … Read more

John Munsell’s New Book, ‘MACARONI and CHEESE’ is a Profound Revelation of God’s Plan of Salvation and His Words That Provide a Stable Foundation for a Meaningful Life

John Munsell, a former meat-packing plant operator and a writer, has completed his new book, “MACARONI AND CHEESE”: remarkable writing that provides Good News, such as God’s liberation to help people escape denominational religious bondage and reveals God’s love and salvation. John writes, “MACARONI AND CHEESE reveals the problems with man-made rules and traditions which restrict lifestyle and religious … Read more

Author Patrick Anthony Cardin’s New Audiobook ‘Pup in a Cup Keeps Healthy & Clean’ is an Adorable and Uplifting Tale That Shows Children How to Keep Hygienic

Patrick Anthony Cardin, a father and previously published author of Teacup Pup, has completed his new audiobook “Pup in a Cup Keeps Healthy & Clean”: an informative and terrific tale that teaches children to maintain a daily hygienic routine to decrease the chances of getting illnesses. Patrick states, “The Teacup Pup is a happy little … Read more

Author Cristi Ropp’s New Book ‘Little Sammy’s Big Trip’ is a Playful Tale of a Mischievous Squirrel Who Finds Himself Far From Home When He Does Not Listen to His Mother

Cristi Ropp, a dreamer and believer who always wanted to write a children’s book, has completed her new book “Little Sammy’s Big Trip”: an adventurous tale of a mischievous little squirrel who learns a valuable lesson. Little Sammy’s mother told him to be mindful of where he plays on the beautiful, expansive farm they reside … Read more

Author R.L. Mata’s New Book ‘Prairie Moon: Sketches’ is the Satisfying Final Installment of His Captivating, Generation-Spanning Family Saga Trilogy

R.L. Mata has completed the final installment of the Prairie Moon Series with his new book “Prairie Moon: Sketches”. The groundwork for the story has been set by the first two books, “Time: The Revelator” and “Blue Moon Bar and Café.” Mata was born and raised on the plains of northeastern Colorado. He spent 40 … Read more

Robert Boyce’s New Book ‘Kettle of Tears’ is an Adventurous Historical Novel That Transports Its Readers to an Atmospheric and Action-Packed Journey

Fulton Books author Robert Boyce, a cabinetmaker and a loving husband, has completed his debut novel, “Kettle of Tears”:  an exciting read filled with action that will surely take its readers to the edge of their seats. Robert writes, “When Nate Tallhelm left his homestead to visit his uncle’s place hard by the eastern slopes … Read more

Joi Vaughn’s New Book, ‘I Chose to Wait’ is an Exquisitely Written Journal of a Woman’s Victory Against the Distress She Encountered in Her Marriage

Joi Vaughn, a woman of resiliency, a determined mother, and a loyal student of God, has completed her new book, “I Chose To Wait”: a contemplative story that deals with the author’s marriage that was infected by adultery. This is her journey of finding a long-lasting relationship with the Creator after the betrayal and abandonment … Read more