Author Michelle Cuce’s New Audiobook ‘You Can Come Home Again’ is a Heartwarming Tale With a Poignant Message That Family is Accepting and Forgiving and Love Prevails

Michelle Cuce, a Disney College Program Alumni and first time author, has completed her new audiobook “You Can Come Home Again”: a compelling tale that shows the acceptance and understanding of family and the steadfast determination of love. “I wrote this in the dark, early days of the pandemic,” Cuce says of her novel, “when … Read more

Author KTRome’s New Audiobook ‘Jesus at My School’ is a Heartwarming, Devotional Children’s Story Filled With the Divine Words of God to Inspire Young Listeners

KTRome, a writer who has been a teacher, principal, tennis coach, and elected school board member, has completed her new audiobook “Jesus at My School”: a deeply profound, accessible source of inspiration from God’s words that will help children gain a deeper understanding of the world and themselves. Author KTRomne writes, “When moms and dads … Read more

Author D. L. Crager’s New Audiobook ‘Journey of the Hidden’ is a Powerful Coming-of-Age Journey Through the Perilous Amazon, Where Danger Lurks at Every Corner

D. L. Crager, who lives an adventurous life with his wife, Shelly, their kids, and grandchildren in the northwest, has completed his new audiobook “Journey of the Hidden”: a gripping tale of survival and strength through a treacherous environment. This compelling work follows the journey of young Toca, who must travel for a sun season … Read more

Author Teresa D. Mabry’s New Audiobook ‘Infection Control: The Critical Need to Wash Your Dirty Hands’ is a Timelessly Relevant Discussion of Proper Hand Hygiene

Teresa D. Mabry, a respiratory therapist currently residing in Emporia, Virginia, with her husband and three poodles, has completed her new audiobook “Infection Control: The Critical Need to Wash Your Dirty Hands”: a well-researched thesis on the lifesaving benefits of proper hand hygiene. Mabry writes, “Hands are hosts for germs. The Center for Disease Control … Read more

IJIOMA N. IJIOMA (M. Sc)’s new book, ‘MY HOLY BIBLE EXTRACTS OF 1,401 POWERFUL VERSES: Second Edition’ is an essential manual towards a deeper understanding with God

IJIOMA N. IJIOMA (M. Sc), a graduate of Nigerian Defence Academy who had a flourishing military career, a BS in Political Science degree-holder who graduated with honors at the University of Abuja, a dedicated husband and father; has completed his new book, “MY HOLY BIBLE EXTRACTS OF 1,401 POWERFUL VERSES: Second Edition”: a meaningful spiritual … Read more

Author Ted Even’s New Audiobook ‘Answers for the Honest Skeptic’ is a Thought-Provoking Refutation of the Main Arguments Against Biblical Christianity

Ted Even, who has diligently studied the Holy Bible, as well as other sources, for the last 36 years, has completed his new audiobook “Answers for the Honest Skeptic: Answering Skeptic Objections to Biblical Christianity”: an authoritative and persuasive rebuttal of the main bones of contention held against the beliefs and teachings of biblical Christianity.  … Read more

Josephine Virginia Fanta’s new book ‘The Castle by the Sea’ follows the coastal adventure of two girls who spent summer in their castle

Josephine Virginia Fanta, a writer who worked as a first grade teacher, a bank teller, a tutor, and a children’s librarian, has completed her new book, “The Castle by the Sea”: a picturesque storytelling about a summer of living in a sandcastle, dreaming under the stars, and having endless fun by the beach.  Fanta shares, “Debbie … Read more

Sydney Jones’ new book ‘Real Siblings’ shares a heartwarming read that takes a brand-new look on foster families

Sydney Jones, a licensed clinical social worker, has completed her new book, “Real Siblings”: a lighthearted story about Kylainah and her family showing much affection and care to one another. Here, through the eyes of the little girl, one will explore the beauty of a foster/adoptive family and the love that brings them together. Jones shares, … Read more

Author Lisa Rigato’s new book, ‘Tell Me About Your Mother’ is an uplifting collection of stories meant to guide mothers to value what they do

Lisa Rigato, proud wife of her childhood sweetheart who has a great love of nature has completed her new book, “Tell Me About Your Mother”:  an uplifting collection of stories of mothers and their children. Rigato shares, “The best way I know of helping children is by helping their parents. It became my desire and … Read more

Christina Schwabauer’s new book, ‘BUNNY’ is an endearing tale of a little girl and her stuffed bunny as they embark on their daily adventures

Christina Schwabauer, proud wife and mother has completed her new book, “BUNNY”: a playful children’s tale. Jessica and Bunny are the best of friends. Each day when Jessica wakes up, she and Bunny have a new adventure together. They read books, eat their favorite foods, play outside, and enjoy each other’s company. Published by Covenant … Read more