Don Yost’s New Book, ‘HENRY: A Sequel to Stephen Crane’s the Red Badge of Courage’ is an Insightful Novel on Wartime Lessons and Its Impact on Today’s Generation

Don Yost was a combat infantryman and war correspondent during the Vietnam war. Currently a senior adjunct professor of English composition, he holds BA and MA degrees in English Literature from Seton Hall University and Rosemont College and is founding president of a national veteran’s organization in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He has completed his new … Read more

Dr. Akef R. Abadir’s New Book ‘The Road to New Islam: Mahfouz, Arkoun, Abu Zaid, Kassim, & Other Muslim & Non-Muslim Thinkers’ is a Pragmatic Take on Islamic Modernism

Fulton Books author Akef R. Abadir, PhD, is a prominent author and scholar, an Arabic teacher, and an information officer. He completed his most recent book “The Road to New Islam: Mahfouz, Arkoun, Abu Zaid, Kassim, & Other Muslim & Non-Muslim Thinkers”: an engrossing and perceptive study about the changes in Islam, along with the several … Read more

Aubrielle Champagne’s New Book, ‘Forbidden Corners (The Open Mind)’, Is an Absorbing Read That Stimulates the Mind to Think Actively and Intellectually

Aubrielle Champagne, a competitive hockey player, and a passionate writer, has completed her most recent book, “Forbidden Corners (The Open Mind)”:  an engaging manuscript that shares analytical works and enriches the reading experience through informative yet creative ideas that reflect on readers thoughtfully afterward. Champagne shares, “Forbidden Corners is to primarily engage the audience with … Read more

Cathy S. Birn’s New Book ‘Purges of the Soul’ is a Mesmerizing Collection of Flash Fiction About Love, Family, Courage, and Friendship Everyone Will Surely Enjoy

Fulton Books author Cathy S. Birn, a dedicated nurse from New York, a talented woman who uses creative arts to express herself, has completed her most recent book “Purges of the Soul: The Flash Fiction Chronicles: Allegories Inspired by Art”:  a fun and whimsical volume of Flash-Fiction-stories that can be devoured in a short period … Read more

Author Winston E. Allen Releases New Memoir on How He Pried Open Wall Street to Became the First Minority-Owned, Independent Broker-Dealer in the History of the United States

“I PRIED OPEN WALL STREET IN 1962” is the compelling, true story of how author, Winston E. Allen, Ph.D., became the first minority-owned, independent broker-dealer in the United States. In Dr. Allen’s memoir, he shares his experiences as a boy traveling in a sealed train in 1946 from New York to Florida. Years later, Dr. Allen shares … Read more

Author Paloma De Pilar’s New Book ‘Raging Against Cages: From Pain to Peace’ is a Book of Poetry Written in Spanish and English for the Survivors of Traumatic Events

Paloma de Pilar, who has earned a master’s degree in education from Harvard University’s School of Education and a master’s degree in social work in generalist clinical practice from the Columbia University School of Social Work, has completed her new book “Raging Against Cages: From Pain to Peace”: a gripping and potent collection of poetry … Read more

Author Denise South’s New Book, ‘Peter the Prairie Dog Helps a Friend’, Is a Teaching Story to Help Children Learn That Words Are Important

Denise South has completed her new book “Peter the Prairie Dog Helps a Friend” – a lighthearted children’s book about friendship and respect. “Follow a prairie dog named Peter. “Adventures to entice every reader. “This time, he finds a way to help a friend. “Who knows what could happen by journey’s end. “Maybe he can … Read more

Author Esteban Vazquez’s New Book, ‘The Lost World: Book One’, Is an Exciting New Tale That Sees the Reader Through More Mystery and Peril

Esteban Vazquez, who was born in Cuba and moved to the United States in 1980, has completed his new book, “The Lost World: Book One”: the latest installment in the author’s collection of creative, yet frightening stories that are meant for a younger audience. Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Esteban Vazquez’s latest release is his … Read more

Author John Condon’s New Book ‘The Strange Tale of Eegor, the Fleetwinged Filagreed Flyspecker, and His Virtual-Guided Tour Through the Garden of Evil’ Was Released

John Condon has completed his new book “The Strange Tale of Eegor, The Fleetwinged Filagreed Flyspecker, and His Virtual-Guided Tour through the Garden of Evil”: a striking tale warning against sacrificing freedoms for the collective force. As Condon states, “This booklet describes the conflict between individual freedom (good) and collective force (evil). [I define] the … Read more

Bryan Alexander’s New Book ‘Masquerade’ is a Mysterious Tale Following an Inventor Seeking Retribution Against an Underworld Corporate Take-Over Artist Disguised as an Angel

Bryan Alexander, a former member of the USAF Spec Ops community who was in the E-Ring of the Pentagon with U.S. and NATO commanders during the 9-11 attack, has completed his new book “Masquerade”: an engrossing, powerful story about Logan Scott, who invents a device that would hand over unlimited power to terrorists, cartels, deceitful … Read more