Scott Johnsen’s New Book, ‘Who Are You Taking to Hell With You?’ is a Pensive Prose That Recounts the Impact of a Person’s Choices

Scott Johnsen, an affectionate husband and father who grew up in a small town, has completed his new book, “Who Are You Taking to Hell With You?”: a powerful account that uncovers Satan’s dirty deeds and how those unforgivable doings add to the toxicity the current era is experiencing. Scott writes, “Who Are You Taking … Read more

Marcy Meacham’s New Book ‘The Memory Room’ Chronicles a Captivating Journey Between the Lasting Love of Steve and Cait

Marcy Meacham, an excellent writer, has completed her new book, “The Memory Room”: a thrilling read that displays a love that is tested by endless challenges yet distance never separated their hearts. Marcy writes, “The Memory Room: The love story of Steve and Cait, a magnetic love from the start. They enjoyed all the best … Read more

Linda Edmister’s New Book ‘Intersecting Lives’ Reveals the Riveting and Often Humorous Exploits of a Young Woman’s Journey Through Mystery and Romance

Linda Edmister, a former army major, State Department community liaison officer and church music director, has completed her new book, “Intersecting Lives”: a rollicking adventure about a woman discovering the nuances of God’s love in the midst of a romantic fantasy. Linda writes, “Rose Thompson set out for Tinkers Well, Kansas, with no expectations for … Read more

Author Kenneth W. Hestich’s New Book ‘Growing Up in the Eyes of Joey’ is a Children’s Book Designed to Teach Young Readers About Respecting Others

Kenneth W. Hestich has completed his new book “Growing Up in the Eyes of Joey”: a sweet and insightful story that teaches young readers about the importance of respecting others in all aspects of life. The story introduces Joey, a young boy who shares the ways in which he always shows respect to the people … Read more

Susan L. Hustwick’s New Book, ‘Sensible Aunt Martha’ is an Inspirational Story Based on Real-Life Experiences About a Very Sensible Aunt and a Niece Who Visits Her

Susan L. Hustwick, a retired nurse, a mother who has a great love for writing children’s books, has completed her new book, “Sensible Aunt Martha”: a very interesting read that explains there is something more to experience that one may find worthwhile when they learn to step out of their comfort zone. Susan writes, “Aunt Martha … Read more

Etta B. Harbin’s New Book, ‘Extending the Scepter of Forgiveness’ is an Insightful Read About Understanding the Act of Mercy and Forgiveness

Etta B. Harbin, a native Floridian, a pastor of Mishkan T’Hillah Worship Center, and a mother of three, has completed her new book, “Extending the Scepter of Forgiveness”: a thought-provoking account about the purpose of forgiveness and granting forgiveness according to the God-ordained method. Etta writes, “To forgive or not to forgive is a dilemma … Read more

Mary L. Rusty Parenteau’s New Book, ‘Drawing in the Light of Scripture’ is a Wonderful Compilation of Thoughts Uplifting Individuals Born With Creative Souls

Mary L. Rusty Parenteau, a graduate from Asbury University with a degree in Art is an award-winning artist who started drawing and coloring at the age of three, has completed her new book, “Drawing in the Light of Scripture”:  a thoughtful and comprehensive spiritual opus depicting the life of someone who has been born with … Read more

Stephen L. Corrigan’s New Book ‘The Birth of the Republican Form of Government’ is an Informative Account of the 2 Capacities Used to Establish the American Republic

Stephen L. Corrigan, a U.S. Navy veteran and an Ethics Illustrator and political apologist in the American system of government, has completed his new book, “The Birth of the Republican Form of Government”: a fanciful work that is drawn in mechanical illustrations to present the vivid definition of the two capacities and its respective roles … Read more

Teresa Heard’s New Book ‘That Funny Old Moon’ is a Whimsical Children’s Tale That Teaches Children About the Various Phases of the Moon With Illustrations and Rhymes

Teresa Heard has completed her new book “That Funny Old Moon”: an educational charming children’s story about the curiosity of a little boy towards the moon in space. Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Teresa Heard’s intriguing children’s tale details the conversation a mother has with her young boy about the phases of the moon. When … Read more

Milissia Owens’ New Book, ‘Iris Gets a Lamb’, is an Engaging Children’s Literature About a Girl’s Trip to a Barn and How She Instantly Fell in Love With a Little Lamb

Milissia Owens, a retired U.S. Army Veteran and a farmer has completed her new book, “Iris Gets A Lamb”: an enjoyable narration of a little girl’s trip to her grandparents’ barn and how she wanted to take care of a lamb she saw. Milissia writes, “Iris Gets a Lamb is about the granddaughter visiting the … Read more