New Novel Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos: A Mind-Bending Adventure With a Self-Proclaimed Real-Life Tulpa Protagonist is Released

Dr. Jerry A. Smith, a renowned artificial intelligence scientist, has released his debut fiction novel, Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos. What makes this book truly unique is that the protagonist, Michael, is a self-proclaimed real-life tulpa who helped write the story. Tulpamancy is the practice of creating a tulpa, which is a thought form or … Read more

New fiction, “Manhattan Manhunt” from George O’Donnell and Kelly Emmanuel draws on real-life 1993 arrest of international jewel thieves tied to funding the Bosnian War

“Manhattan Manhunt” is a fictional crime novel inspired by retired Port Authority K-9 Police Officer George O’Donnell’s work while stationed at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City. In 1993, O’Donnell and his partner, a King Shepherd named Billion, captured 3 international jewel thieves in midtown Manhattan. NYPD … Read more

‘Living Grieving’ by Hay House Author Karen V. Johnson, JD, is a 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award Winner

Hay House author Karen V. Johnson, JD, was awarded the Silver Nautilus Award for her new book Living Grieving: Using Energy Medicine to Alchemize Grief and Loss. Based on Karen’s heartbreaking journey of losing her son to a drug overdose, she blends her personal journey through grief with the transformative healing path she discovered along … Read more

Author, Speaker, and Life Coach Terry Sidford Releases Second Book:

Terry Sidford, a seasoned author, motivational speaker, and life coach has published her second book: Inspired by her once happy childhood that became unstable with her mother’s alcoholism and her father’s subsequent departure, Sidford shares her personal challenges and journey to encourage readers to find strength, empowerment, and love through hardships.  “After experiencing a tumultuous, … Read more

Authors Donna & Jonna’s New Book ‘The Aardvark and the Anthill’ is a Sweet and Silly Story About an Aardvark on the Hunt for a Tasty Treat

Newman Springs Publishing authors Donna & Jonna have completed their new book “The Aardvark and the Anthill”: a whimsical tale about an aardvark searching for a tasty treat. Donna and Jonna are twin sisters and best friends. They were born and raised in Montana and spent most of their careers as kindergarten teachers. They both … Read more

Bradleigh Munk’s New Book ‘A Road Back to Indigo’, the Second Book of the Series, is a Riveting Adventure Following a Band of Friends’ Travels Through Time

Bradleigh Munk, a creative who discovered his ultimate destiny was to become a writer, has completed his new book “A Road Back to Indigo: Chaser of the Darkness, a Path to Redemption”: a gripping and exciting sequel to his novel “A Road to Nowhere.” “Our heroes are on the road again and looking for adventure,” … Read more

Author John Cheek’s New Book ‘Embarrassed to Be With Amy’ is the Story of an Interracial Couple in a Country Divided by Hate, Racism, Politics, and Religion

John Cheek has completed his new book “Embarrassed to Be with Amy”: a touching romantic story that puts the reader with an interracial couple, a black man and a white woman in Texas, and all of the burden that comes with that in a southern state, accepting these facts as reality and trudging through it … Read more

Author Joe Reyes’s New Book ‘Unaltered Time: Book 1, Ascali’ Follows a Courageous Knight Who Fights to Be the New King’s Protector Following the Death of the Former King

Joe Reyes has completed his new book “Unaltered Time: Book 01, Ascali”: a stirring fantasy adventure that follows a legendary knight in his quest to win the coveted role of protecting his new king, following the tragic death of the former monarch.  “For decades in the timeline, the realm has thrived in joyful peace, embracing … Read more