Thomas Ferris’ New Book ‘The Bed Bugger Trucker’ Follows a Professional Trucker’s Account and His Journeys Down the Road of Life

Thomas Ferris, a retired professional mover and professional trucker, has completed his most recent book “The Bed Bugger Trucker”: a gripping and interesting novel about a professional mover and truck driver who wheeled across the nation and encountered several memorable adventures. Thomas writes, “I wrote this book because everybody said that I should write a … Read more

HAZ’s New Book ‘Wildlife Adventures With Princess Crystal and Kiwi’ is an Imaginative Story About the Magical Adventures of a Fairy Princess and an American Kestrel

HAZ, a graduate from Penn State with a degree in wildlife and fisheries science who has worked in the environmental field for the past fifteen years, has completed her new book “Wildlife Adventures with Princess Crystal and Kiwi”: a gripping and potent children’s tale about accepting all beings on earth. HAZ writes, “When the humans … Read more

Dr. Ronald L. Kelley’s New Book ‘ABCs of Healing Feelings’ is an Illuminating Exploration Towards Self-Healing and Self-Soothing in Moments of Distress

Ronald L. Kelley, MD, DLFAPA, a practicing psychiatrist who completed his residency at Walter Reed General Hospital and Medical Center, has completed his new book, “ABCs of Healing Feelings; A Neurocognitive Affective Positive Ego Building System”: a brilliant tool that encourages and uplifts oneself as the alphabetized techniques and meanings are mastered and internalized. “Dr. … Read more

Nicole Nacheber’s New Book, ‘Stanly’s First Day at Early Morning Dew Preschool’ is an Adorable Tale of Friendship and Accepting Differences

Nicole Nacheber, a certified surgical technologist first assistant, former U.S. army member and preschool teacher, has completed her new book, “Stanly’s First Day at Early Morning Dew Preschool”: an entertaining read about a little snail’s journey of befriending his new classmates with whom he shares many differences. Instead of giving up, Stanly tries to make his … Read more

Peggy Recchia’s New Book ‘Bonnie and the Honeybees’ Gives a Wonderful Narrative About Friendship, Hard Work, and Helping One Another

Peggy Recchia, a writer from Northern New Jersey who holds a BA in English, has completed her new book, “Bonnie and the Honeybees”: a lovely illustrated tale about two bears who called the entire town to gather and find a way to save the honeybees and their honey. Peggy writes, “There’s not much honey left. … Read more

Stephen Harrison and Richard Huizinga’s New Book ‘The Advent Style Through the Resurrection’ Gives a Thorough Look in the Four Gospels to Discover Deeper Biblical Truths

Stephen Harrison, a preacher’s kid with nearly 40 years of medical experience, and Richard Huizinga, a retired healthcare executive, have completed their new book, “The Advent Style Through the Resurrection”: a powerful tool in gaining the knowledge and wisdom contained in the Gospel and understanding the meaning behind the celebration of Advent. Stephen and Richard … Read more

Duane Rice’s New Book ‘The Story for All Seasons’ is an Inspirational Account of the Many Seasons of Life and the Endless Chances of New Beginnings

Duane Rice, a deacon for twelve years and a loving father, has completed his new book, “The Story for All Seasons”: an illuminating read that describes several journeys blessed in the hands of God and brings light upon stories throughout life’s all seasons. Duane writes, “Before the days of the remote control, which is a … Read more

Marlene Norgard’s New Book ‘Daddy’s Deploying’ Shares a Touching Message of a Father as He Leaves for the Army and Serve the Country

Marlene Norgard, a military spouse and a mother of two, has completed her new book “Daddy’s Deploying”: a lovely read that captures a parent’s love and holds comforting words as a father misses his child’s precious moments. Marlene writes, “This book is a poem I wrote as I watched my husband be absent through his … Read more

Author Nicholas Radano’s New Book ‘The XNA Trio’ is an Inquisitive Story of a Trio of Trouble Makers Coming Together to Find a Missing Teacher.

Nicholas Radano, a writer since the humble age of ten, has completed his new book “The XNA Trio”: the wild ride of Xander, an expert liar and rumor spreader, Noah, a brainiac, and Alexis, a spy in the making, are middle schoolers in a very competitive place have found their way together with a simple … Read more

Author Gary Bussa’s New Book ‘Dr. Des Coveries and the Wild Bunch’ is an Insightful, Charming Tale That Educates Young Readers About Animals

Author Gary Bussa, who has his zoology certification from Tolles Technical School, has completed his new book “Dr. Des Coveries and the Wild Bunch”: a fun and informative story that educates young readers about a variety of animals. The story follows fictional famous explorer Dr. Des Coveries as he provides fun facts about animals and … Read more