BioAccelergy and ExxonMobil to Explore Commercial Scale Development of Bio-Base Stocks

BioAccelergy Ventures has signed a joint-development agreement with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (ExxonMobil) to progress development of a new bio-base stock for lubricants manufacturing from seed and vegetable oil. The multi-year agreement aims to demonstrate the feasibility of producing bio-base stocks at a cost-effective commercial scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. BioAccelergy will provide its … Read more

Gb Sciences Targets COVID-19 Treatment as Omicron Variant Arrives

Gb Sciences, a plant-based research and biopharma technology company, has reported positive results from a study of its potential treatment for cytokine release syndrome (CRS), one of the most dangerous complications of COVID-19. With reports of the arrival of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in multiple countries, the Gb Sciences team plans to move … Read more

Florida Biotech Chooses Tampa for New Company Headquarters

Florida Biotech has selected Tampa for its North American headquarters, research and development, and brand operations, citing the region’s strong talent pool, research universities, strong logistics and growing reputation as a center for biotech and life sciences. Florida Biotech is a sustainable wellness innovation company, developing solutions for industry and home focusing on natural compounds … Read more

Gb Sciences Accelerates Drug Development via Innovative Biopharma Technology and Strategic Partnerships

Recognizing the glacial pace of traditional drug research and development processes and the adverse effect of this on patients, biopharmaceutical company Gb Sciences has taken innovative steps to speed up the process and is developing key relationships to further advance the clinical development of its novel, plant-inspired therapies for the prescription drug market. To expedite … Read more

Vivacitas Oncology, Inc. to Present on AR-67 at the Annual 5th Meridian Clinical Trials Conference

Vivacitas Oncology, Inc., a privately-held oncology company focused on tough-to-treat cancers, will present its lead development candidate, AR-67, at this year’s 5th Meridian Clinical Trials (MCT) conference, Nov. 22-23, 2021, via their online platform.  The presentation, “VIVACITAS ONCOLOGY PRESENTS OUR LEAD COMPOUND, AR-67, A NOVEL 3RD GENERATION CAMPTOTHECIN IN RECURRENT GLIOBLASTOMA,” details AR-67 (Topoisomerase I Inhibitor) as a highly … Read more

Enterin Announces Publication of Exciting Discoveries About the Enterin Nervous System

Enterin Inc., a privately held Philadelphia-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering novel treatments for neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases, announces the publication in Scientific Reports of a paper entitled “Identification of SSRI‑evoked antidepressant sensory signals by decoding vagus nerve activity.” The vagus nerve is the major neural connection between gut and brain. Vast numbers of sensory signals originating … Read more

Vivacitas Oncology, Inc. and Image Analysis Group to Present on AR-67 Clinical Response Evaluation at the Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual Conference

Vivacitas Oncology, a privately-held oncology company focused on tough-to-treat cancers, and Image Analysis Group (IAG), a premier image-analysis company and developer of the proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted Dynamika™ platform, will present a poster at this year’s annual Society of Neuro-Oncology (SNO) conference November 18-21, 2021, in Boston, MA.  The poster “RESPONSE EVALUATION OF AR-67 FROM … Read more

Maravai LifeSciences Partners With TOOTRiS to Support Families in STEM

In an effort to support its workforce and foster greater gender diversity in biotech, Maravai LifeSciences has partnered with TOOTRiS to offer its employees access to thousands of Child Care options in real time. Maravai — which provides critical products and services to enable the development of drug therapies, diagnostics, novel vaccines, and supports research on … Read more