Reggie Jackson Asset Backed NFT™ Memorabilia by Firma Pro

Autographed sports memorabilia will be entering the metaverse thanks to Asset Backed NFT™ company, Firma Pro. Firma Pro has announced it will be minting NFTs of what many consider to be the greatest Reggie Jackson memorabilia collection of all time. The Asset Backed NFT™ collection by Firma Pro is scheduled to drop December 2021. Similar … Read more

Nets of America Reveals New Custom-Made Sports Netting

Finding high-quality netting for sports is not easy. The netting industry has expanded, and with the location changes, the quality and material used to prepare sports netting could be flawed.  However, there are still manufacturers like Nets of America INC that supply sports netting for almost any game and are recognized for their durable products. Quality … Read more