Cielo Unveils Breez Lite, a Brand-New Smart AC Controller With Intelligent Triggers for Ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Cielo WiGle Inc. (Cielo), the pioneer U.S. company in the market of smart controls for ductless systems, announced today the launch of its latest product, Cielo Breez Lite. It is a high-end smart AC controller meticulously designed and developed with customer comfort and convenience in mind. Breez Lite is a seamless blend of functionality, aesthetics, and … Read more

Munich-Based Software Defined Automation (SDA) and VMware Implement Real-Time Virtual Programmable Logic Controllers (vPLCs)

The execution of deterministic real-time control on virtualized edge servers in combination with a comprehensive vPLC management interface in the cloud is aimed to be a unique solution, enabling customers to improve productivity, utilization, and security while at the same time gain independence from vendor-specific hardware and silicon. The SDA solution will help improve industrial … Read more

Smart Homz Partners With Long Beach Island Developers

The demand for smarter homes is increasing. Smart Homz, a home technology company based in NJ, is helping builders and developers plan for today’s technology demands during the construction process. As Smart Homz owner, Dave LaMere explains, “Once the sheetrock has gone up, it makes it much more labor intensive to try and create a wired infrastructure that’s critical … Read more

AG Automotive Introduces Gas Services, Launches New Website

AG Automotive, Portland’s premier auto mechanic, has some exciting news to share with customers both new and old. The company, well known in the Portland Metro area for its top-quality diesel services, has expanded its team and services to provide a wide range of auto/gas and hybrid/electric vehicle services.  “As a top-rated Portland OR auto … Read more

Big Tech Failing to Deliver on Home Automation Promises

In the last decade, technologies like smart appliances, voice recognition and home assistants emerged, whetting consumers’ appetites for new possibilities and spurring a multi-billion-dollar industry. And that’s just the problem, according to Michael Barnick, founder and CEO of home automation developer Quantum Integration. “When many of these technologies first hit the consumer market, it opened … Read more

ProKNX Announces the Launch of Its Offline Table-Top Smart Speaker

The new table-top smart speaker, available in English, German, and French, is easily adapted for use in new or existing smart homes via either an affordable IKEA smart-home Trådfri hub or through a KNX Home Automation system. The ProKNX plug-and-play smart speaker operates using a local Wi-Fi connection, enabling users to use natural voice commands … Read more

Quantum Integration’s IoT Tech Platform Bridges the Gap on High-End Home Automation Features

Home automation has evolved significantly since its inception, becoming more accessible and bringing new levels of convenience to the average consumer. Quantum Integration is further modernizing the industry with its versatile Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform, which solves many of the common pain points that consumers have with modern home automation systems. A home automation platform starts … Read more