Ed Murawinski to Drop NFT Collection With Firma Pro

Artist, Ed Murawinski, is entering the digital art metaverse with an NFT (non-fungible token) drop scheduled for Nov. 2, 2021. His NFTs will be available for purchase on the www.opensea.io marketplace starting at 4 pm ET. The Ed Murawinski First Edition NFT Collection will consist of 15 hand-drawn digital characters, including the first digital artwork … Read more

Fine Art America Launches Billboard Contest to Promote Independent Artists

Fine Art America, the world’s largest art marketplace, has launched an online contest seeking artwork from independent artists to be used in FAA’s upcoming billboard advertising campaign. The contest is free to join and is open to artists from all over the world. Artists may submit up to three images in any two-dimensional medium, including paintings, photographs, … Read more

Christina Veillette Releases Fall Collection of Artwork and Accessories

Designer and artist Christina Veillette is releasing their brand-new Fall Collection, each item hand-made in the studio by the artist themself. The Fall Collection is set to launch on July 30, 2021. Christina Veillette is known for bringing joy with their cute and whimsical curiosities. For the first time, Christina has created an entire product … Read more

JAW Analytics Announces Non-Fungible Tokens as a Service for Artists by Technologists

Jaw Analytics, a female-owned analytics services company in Houston, Texas, has recently launched a project to shatter the barriers of entry for artists who are interested in creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from their art. As described by CEO Ashley Wilson, “This product brings artists to the forefront of innovation.”  The current process to create, market and … Read more

California Artist enso Surprised After His Art NFT ‘Glitch #2’ Becomes Most Viewed in Opensea History

Malibu, California artist and founder of the Enso Gallery, Tyler “enso” Barnett, says he is “surprised and humbled” to find his latest digital artwork, an NFT titled Glitch #2, tracking as one of the most-viewed NFTs ever on the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Glitch #2 appears to have gone viral after being purchased by … Read more

Gifted Serbian Artist Viktor Bevanda, 12, Proves Autism No Match for World Class Talent and Loving Family

A gifted young artist from Serbia is taking social media by storm with his oil pastels of leaf-munching giraffes, basking butterflies, moonlit waterlilies, poignant portraits and soulful-eyed dogs. With tens of thousands of followers and over a million “likes”, what Viktor Bevanda is accomplishing with his striking use of color is extraordinary, especially when you consider … Read more

Will This Artist Reinvent Tattoo Culture?

Crown and Feather Tattoo Co. is a Philadelphia based tattoo shop with new ideas and big plans. With a focus on delicate, fine line tattoos, the artwork eschews tradition and broadens the market for body art. “In the past,” says Nick, “tattoos were heavy, dark, and often ‘cartoony’. The work we create strives to be … Read more