How Conversational AI Can Make Your Customer Service More Efficient

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to streamline their operations and improve customer experience. From providing 24/7 customer service to automating simple tasks, it can bring down costs and help businesses foster better relationships with their customers. Not only can conversational AI enhance customer experience, but it can also … Read more

How Conversational AI Can Help Enhance Doctor-Patient Communication

For years, exciting developments in AI that help doctors better diagnose, treat, and even perform surgery on patients have been the headlining interactions between AI and the healthcare industry. But as exciting as those innovations are, AI is also making the healthcare industry more efficient by helping to ease the burden of doctor-patient communication. The … Read more

How to Use Apple Business Chat to Build Customer Relationships

Apple Business Chat has been kicking around since 2018, but not many businesses are aware of how to fully capitalize on this useful tool. While it may seem intimidating to implement a new communication pathway between your business and customers, automation can help make the most of Apple Business Chat’s highly accessible, 24/7 functionality. A … Read more

Do Commercial Chatbots Need Conversational AI?

Commercial chatbots are becoming more sophisticated with the addition of conversational AI. Digital conversations, aided by natural language processing (NLP), are able to understand customer intent, resulting in enhanced customer journeys that can quickly provide users with the information they need or connect them with a live agent who’s the right fit for their query. … Read more

4 Surprising Industries That Have Started Using Conversational AI Chatbots

Conversational AI is helping people have unique, educational and entertaining interactions with bots every day. AI assistants such as Siri and Alexa help many of us manage our daily lives, and chatbots populate e-commerce websites and healthcare platforms, helping users find what they need with 24/7 service. However, a conversational AI chatbot can also be … Read more

How Apple Business Chat Can Streamline Sales

Over-the-top (OTT) messaging platforms, which differ from MMS and SMS in that they’re offered directly over the internet instead of being built into a device, have become key resources for businesses to improve and simplify the communication process with their customers. These programs allow customers to communicate with a virtual agent or human customer service … Read more

Ziotag Brings New AI Capabilities to Zoom Video

Ziotag Inc., a New York-based technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make searching and navigating video and audio content a seamless experience — announces the availability of its product in the Zoom App Marketplace. Zoom customers will now have the ability to automatically classify and tag recorded Zoom meetings and presentations, giving them instant … Read more

CVEDIA Becomes First Synthetic Data Company to Solve ‘Domain Gap’ Problem, Deploying AI Without Data

CVEDIA, a computer vision AI solutions provider, is announcing that it has officially solved the domain adaptation gap using its proprietary synthetic data pipeline. The domain gap, a major bottleneck in AI development, is the inability for algorithms trained on synthetic data to perform as well as those trained on real data. CVEDIA is claiming … Read more

Automated Guided Vehicles–the Factory Workhorse of Industry 4.0

With so many moving components of Industry 4.0—physical machines, software and intelligence developments, advanced smart sensing, the global rise in e-commerce and more—it’s helpful to examine just one specific component of Industry 4.0: The automated guided vehicle, or AGV. According to a recent report by BCC Research, Automated Guided Vehicles: Global Market, AGVs are the factory-floor … Read more