Lensa AI Selects Pixels.com to Transform Magic Avatars Into Physical Products

In November of 2022, social media users all over the world were introduced to the Lensa AI app from Prisma Labs due to its wildly popular “Magic Avatars” feature which could transform everyday headshots and profile pictures into digital works of art.  Although the Lensa app had been around since 2018 as a popular photo-editing … Read more

Hyperwarpspeed.com Remains on the Cutting Edge of Technology in a New Way With Their Latest AI Project, HWS.AI

Hyper Warp Speed is a CRM and marketing technology company helping companies maximize their CRM investment; Hyperwarpspeed.com remains on the cutting edge of technology in a new way with their latest AI project, HWS.AI. As technology progresses at a staggeringly fast pace, it can take time for companies to keep up with everything they need … Read more

Demandwell Launches Managed AI Copywriting Service

Today, Demandwell, the SEO Solution for Marketers to drive recurring revenue from SEO, is announcing the launch of their Managed AI Content Service, a full-service content production offering that generates SEO copy more quickly and cheaply than ever before. Prior to Managed AI Content Service, marketers either had to use AI writing assistants themselves, or had … Read more

Turing Marks Triple-Digit Revenue Growth as Former Meta VP of Engineering, David Wei, Becomes First Executive Hire of 2023

Turing, an AI-powered technology company that’s breaking the traditional tech consulting services model with its Intelligent Talent Cloud, has firmly established itself as an industry trailblazer after confirming triple-digit YoY revenue growth and announcing David Wei, previously of Meta, as the company’s first executive hire of 2023. Turing goes beyond the limits of incumbent tech services … Read more

Optimal Dynamics Builds Upon Team Growth With Key Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Leadership Promotions

Today, Optimal Dynamics, the leading innovator in automated decision intelligence for freight management, announced key internal leadership promotions aimed at driving continued growth and innovation in the trucking and logistics industry.  The company has named Warren Powell as Chief Innovation Officer, Juliana Nascimento as Chief Analytics Officer and Joe Durante as Senior Vice President of … Read more

Textbroker Announces Launch of Free Service Transparent.ai

Textbroker International, a leading provider of web-based content, announces the launch of the free tool Transparent.ai to help distinguish between human-written and AI-generated content.  In November 2022, U.S. research company OpenAI released ChatGPT, a chatbot that recorded 1 million registered users in just five days. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way … Read more

Sirius College Launches World’s First Mentor Bot, a 24/7 Coach for Growing a Career in AI and Data Science

The world’s first career bot for people who want to learn AI and data science has been launched by Sirius College, the only neouniversity focused on those fields. Luna, the bot, is designed to help professionals grow in their careers. It serves as a 24/7 mentor that can help people study, write their resume, answer … Read more

Got It AI Develops AI to Identify and Address ChatGPT Hallucinations for Enterprise Applications

Got It AI, the Autonomous Conversational AI company, announced an innovative new “Truth Checker” AI that can identify when ChatGPT is hallucinating (generating fabricated answers) when answering user questions over a large set of articles or knowledge base. This innovation makes it possible to deploy ChatGPT-like experiences without the risk of providing incorrect responses to … Read more

Mosaic Data Science Combats Climate Change & Accelerates ESG Efforts With Custom Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions

Mosaic Data Science contributed machine learning algorithm development & deployment services to help a leading power firm automate the process of quantifying the switch to renewable energy portfolios from traditional energy sources while exploring the costs and tradeoffs of said offerings for their business-to-business customers. The solution is designed for enterprises that require power to … Read more

Aimpoint Digital to Drive Value With Optimization Through Gurobi Version 10’s New Features

Gurobi Optimization, the leader in decision intelligence technology, recently announced the release of version 10 of their popular mathematical optimization product, Gurobi optimizer. The release of Gurobi Optimizer version 10 contains significant features that will further empower Aimpoint Digital, an analytics firm dedicated to reshaping organizations with data, to harness the power of mathematical optimization … Read more