GB Sciences and Purisys Announce Preferred Supplier Relationship to Advance Cannabinoid-Containing Pharmaceuticals

GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) and Purisys, LLC, the global industry leader in ultra-high purity, pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid supply, today announced that GB Sciences has selected Purisys as their preferred vendor for the active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”) used in formulating GB Sciences’ proprietary, cannabinoid-containing, optimized therapeutic mixtures (OTM). “To achieve standardization in our cannabinoid-containing, optimized … Read more

GB Sciences Files Provisional Patent Application to Protect Its Proprietary Drug Discovery Platform

GB Sciences (“GBS”), Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX), announced today that a provisional patent application has been filed to protect their proprietary drug discovery platform, which includes a data analytics pipeline, conceptual framework, and machine learning algorithms for the predictive identification of novel active ingredients in traditional, plant-based medical preparations. GBS intends to employ the platform to … Read more

Restoring Function and Healing at Oculus Brain Centers

In the past two decades, the study of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has become more frequently exposed through science and journalism. These conditions were described as neurological disorders resulting from repetitive head trauma. However, we now know that’s not the case. While CTE specifically can’t be diagnosed with an MRI … Read more

Cornerstone Specialty Network Announces Launch of wellCORNER™, an Innovative Company Providing Access to Natural, High-Quality Products for Cancer Patients

Cornerstone Specialty Network, LLC, the Nation’s premier provider of long-term, sustainable value through an aggregated network of community oncology practices, today announced the launch of wellCORNER™. wellCORNER’s mission is to provide access to and educate about science-based, high-quality products designed to help cancer patients and their caregivers. A recent survey of 400 clinical oncologists found that … Read more

Mindful Techniques With Oculus Brain Centers

Migraine is a prevalent disease caused by neurological abnormalities in the brain and brainstem, affecting one billion people worldwide.  While the associated pain can be debilitating, many migraine sufferers can go undertreated, with more than half never diagnosed with a neurological dysfunction. The doctors at Oculus Brain Centers, the premier functional neurology clinic in San Diego, California, … Read more

Inner Wellness Launches Informative New Website

A Calgary-based company, Inner Wellness, has a brand new website they want to share with the world. Their new website features innovative designs, helpful information regarding promotions and company services, and many other useful tips related to their industry. Their website is an excellent resource for anyone looking for naturopathic clinics in Calgary. Learn more … Read more

PureRoots Botanicals Scientifically Brings Organic CBD to Charlotte, NC

PureRoots Botanicals is a craft cannabis company, ( headquartered just outside Charlotte, North Carolina, in Waxhaw. The company is a leader in the growth and production of the highest-quality hemp for CBD oil. PureRoots Botanicals is Waxhaw’s first and only seed-to-sale CBD farm. That means for anyone who wants local-sourced, high-quality, organically grown CBD products, … Read more