Wilbur-Ellis Signs Distribution Agreement With EcoClear Products for Non-Toxic VoleX™

EcoClear Products announces that Wilbur-Ellis, one of the world’s largest family-owned companies, has signed a distribution agreement for VoleX™, a non-toxic solution for eliminating voles. As a company built on innovative technology and protecting the environment, Wilbur-Ellis offers a wide selection of effective, sustainable solutions for agricultural needs. These shared values make EcoClear Products and … Read more

Nutrien Ag Solutions Signs Distribution Agreement With EcoClear for Non-Toxic VoleX™

Nutrien Ag Solutions, the retail division of Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) and the world’s largest crop inputs company, has signed a distribution agreement with EcoClear Products for VoleX™, the non-toxic solution for eliminating voles. VoleX™ is a poison-free, biodegradable, patented pellet designed to safely eliminate voles without posing risk to birds of prey, wildlife, or crops. It contains water-resistant … Read more

Oregon Approves EcoClear’s Non-Toxic VoleX™ for Use Against Destructive Vole Population

VoleX™, the non-toxic solution for eliminating voles, has been approved by the Oregon Department of Agriculture for agricultural use. Farmers in the Pacific Northwest face a catastrophic loss in crops, plants and fields due to the destructive, uncontrolled vole population. In the past, rodenticides like zinc phosphide have been the primary means of controlling voles. … Read more

AlgaEnergy: The First Company in the World in Its Sector to Become B Corporation

AlgaEnergy, the Spain-based global leader in microalgae biotechnology with business units in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Asia-Pacific, is the first microalgae-biotechnology company in the world to become a B Corporation (B Corp). AlgaEnergy joins a community of over 3,800 businesses globally that are B Corps. Other global brands that are B Corps include … Read more

CROP.ZONE Extends Its Advisory Board With Hugo Schweers, Herbert Schmidt and Michael Feitknecht

CROP.ZONE GmbH (Aachen-Germany) is pleased to announce its advisory board’s expansion with Hugo Schweers, Herbert Schmidt and Michael Feitknecht. The extended advisory board will help shape and guide the company’s strategy, working closely with the leadership team to capitalize on future growth opportunities.  Hugo Schweers holds a diploma degree in Agriculture from the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn, … Read more

Plantations International Provides Clients Harvest Guarantee Insurance

Plantations International Pte. Ltd in Singapore is very pleased to announce that it now provides all its clients “Harvest Guarantee Insurance” in the form of a contractual replacement warranty, which fully guarantees that should any of their trees die or become severely damaged due to any of below noted factors; their local Plantations International management company will immediately replace or replant them at … Read more

Plantations International Joins Federation of Thai Industries

The Plantations International is very pleased to announce that Bangkok based Plantations International Co. Limited has joined the prestigious Federation of Thai Industries. The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is a private sector organization that brings together industrial leaders to promote Thailand’s economic development. The main objectives of FTI are to represent Thai manufacturers at … Read more

Plantations International Inducted Into European Association for Business and Commerce

Plantations International Co. Limited in Bangkok, Thailand, which is a part of the Plantations International agroforestry group of companies, is very pleased to announce that it has joined the European Association for Business and Commerce. The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC), established in 2011, aims to be the unified voice of the European business community … Read more

IN10T Inc. Secures Second Round of Investment From Ospraie Ag Science to Accelerate Farmer Adoption of Innovative Technology Solutions

IN10T (“intent”) Inc., a rapidly growing digital ag tech company, announced an equity investment from Ospraie Ag Science (OAS), the venture arm of New York-based commodities and basic industries firm Ospraie Management. The investment will contribute to IN10T’s continued growth in delivering technology and service solutions that help businesses accelerate farmer adoption. The second-round investment for … Read more