INTENT Releases New Software to Revolutionize Field Trials in Agriculture

INTENT, formerly known as IN10T, is excited to announce the commercial release of the new INvision Trials, a revolutionary software that will bring efficiency and effectiveness to agriculture innovations, making full-scale, on-farm field trials accessible to all. As a pioneer of the commercial field trialing industry, INTENT has been executing successful on-farm evaluations since the … Read more

TYM North America Partners with 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves

TYM North America, the North American division of the leading South Korean manufacturer of agricultural tractors, has announced its official partnership with Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Atlanta Braves. The North American division, which serves as the distribution arm of the firm, has proudly entered into a three-year partnership with the 2021 MLB World Series Champions … Read more

Ag-Pro Expands to Greenville, SC

Ag-Pro is proud to announce expansion into Greenville, SC. The location joined the Ag-Pro team effective Jan. 20, 2023. This store will offer a full line of John Deere mowers and tractors along with compact construction equipment, STIHL handheld equipment and more. “The Greenville store is an exciting addition to our family of dealerships. Ag-Pro … Read more

LOR Foundation Launches a Research Initiative That Funds Innovative Approaches to Using Water in Agriculture

As the West experiences its worst drought in the past 1,200 years and as food demand continues to increase (by as much as 98 percent by 2050, according to some estimates), Western farmers and ranchers are on the frontlines of the fight to solve water challenges. Too often, however, funding for innovative techniques that might improve water … Read more

Florida Real Estate Executive Founds New Company, MoonBeam Land Company, Inc., Entering Market as Florida’s Premier Land Brokerage, Investment and Advisory Firm

MoonBeam Land Company, Inc., led by founder and President John A. Evans, Sr., announces entry into the real estate market as Florida’s premier Agri-Real Estate and Commercial Land Sales Brokerage. Bringing 13+ years experience, Evans seeks to provide brokerage, land investment and advisory services to clientele seeking to buy or sell land in the Sunshine … Read more

Farm Shop’s Germinator Closing Wheel is Here to Change the Game

Farm Shop, a leading agriculture product manufacturer, has reached out to potential customers to purchase its revolutionary Germinator Closing Wheel. The wheel is known for its innovative and modern design. It is said that the product will revolutionize how farmers operate by making their work easier and faster.  The closing wheels are already being used … Read more

Wakefield BioChar Enters the Carbon Market Under an Agreement With

Wakefield BioChar, an innovative manufacturer of renewable products made from wood biomass, has successfully completed a rigorous certification process conducted by the Puro Standard, the leading carbon crediting program for carbon removal, to verify its biochar as a carbon removal tool. Wakefield BioChar is now certified to sell digital tradable assets called CO2 Removal Certificates … Read more

Violet Defense Receiving Accreditation From American Institute of Architects

The challenge of providing people with safe, clean working and living spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic will make health and hygiene central concerns in the future of building design. With accreditation from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2023, Violet Defense will create courses to educate architects on how they can incorporate UV disinfection … Read more

Martin Herrmann Becomes New CFO at

Dirk Vandenhirtz, CEO of GmbH., welcomes Martin Herrmann to the executive team as the new CFO:  “I am very happy that we could convince Martin to join the team and share our vision!”  The new head of finance at has worked with several companies during periods of accelerated growth. He is the … Read more