Pioneering Company Lift Foils Announces New 2021 eFoil Lineup and Launches the LIFT3, Its Most Advanced and Novel eFoil

Lift Foils, the world’s leading eFoil company, today announces the launch of its 2021 eFoil lineup. Lift Foils has spent over a decade creating extraordinary foiling experiences and released its original eFoil in 2018. The eFoil is a surfboard powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery and electric propulsion system that allows riders to levitate over … Read more

Founder of Robb Report’s Rare 19th Century Antiques and Fine Art Collection Offered at Online Auction by Pearce & Associates

The late Robert “Rusty” White started collecting antiques and valuables at a young age. He continued to buy, sell, flip and invest in fine arts and historical pieces throughout his life and accumulated many fascinating pieces along the way. To settle his estate, Pearce & Association will sell fine art, Civil War Memorabilia, 19th century furniture, … Read more