Altaport Launches Automation Platform for Flying Taxis

In preparation for the forthcoming launch of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, also known as “flying taxis,” Altaport, Inc. has built the world’s first vertiport automation system (VAS) to facilitate the future of travel by automating ground infrastructure operations. The Altaport platform controls a range of activities on behalf of ground infrastructure managers, including … Read more

In-Space Computing Alliance Formed to Transform the Speed and Security of Data Transfer

Vaya Space, C8 Secure, Orbits Edge, and Space Prep today announced the formation of the In-Space Computing Alliance (ISCA) to provide affordable and secure data processing capabilities at the edge of space. The ISCA will transform the ability of technology and data users to securely transmit information through space in a fraction of the time … Read more

VoltAero is Selected by Air New Zealand as a ‘Mission Next Gen Aircraft’ Partner for the Airline’s Sustainable Fleet Ambitions

The announcement today of VoltAero as one of Air New Zealand’s “Mission Next Gen Aircraft” demonstration partners positions the company and its Cassio electric-hybrid aircraft as a unique solution for this airline’s sustainable fleet ambitions. VoltAero and Cassio are aligned with Air New Zealand’s goal of working with world-leading innovators in introducing zero-emission passenger/cargo flights. … Read more

Ex-Special Forces Soldiers Start-Up Space Company

Founder Wil Glaser of Naples, FL, is no stranger to entrepreneurship; with several successful startups, he turned to the final frontier, space. His approach was to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and military end-users; as a result, Space-Tech was born. “Our rapid advanced prototyping with the influence of experienced end users from the Department … Read more

ATP Flight School Partners With Avelo Airlines and Introduces the Avelo Direct Program for Graduates

ATP Flight School has formed a pilot hiring partnership with Avelo Airlines. Under the Avelo Airlines Direct Program, pilots progress straight from ATP at 1,500 hours to a Boeing 737 First Officer position with Avelo. The Avelo Direct Program provides an innovative solution to pilots looking to accelerate their careers while providing Avelo with a … Read more

Aery Aviation, LLC Acquires an Additional 12 Learjet Special Mission Aircraft

Aery Aviation, LLC has acquired an additional 12 Learjet special mission aircraft (SMA), increasing its SM fleet to 26. Aery also acquired millions of dollars of support equipment and spare parts inventory. The ancillary equipment and parts will enhance Aery’s global logistics and maintenance support of the fleet and fulfilling its strategic vision of multiple operating bases in … Read more

NuEyes Becomes a Channel Partner With T-Mobile, Bringing the Metaverse Closer Than Ever Before

NuEyes is happy to announce they have joined the T-Mobile for Business Partner Program, working with T-Mobile sellers to provide its clients with solutions utilizing T-Mobile’s nationwide network for wireless connectivity. With the combination of T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network – the largest, fastest, and most reliable – for wireless connectivity and NuEyes line of connected … Read more

SpaceFund Invests in Rhea Space Activity for Autonomous Space Navigation Through Cislunar Space and GPS-Denied Environments

SpaceFund Inc. announced today that it has invested in the rapidly growing astrophysics start-up company Rhea Space Activity (RSA). SpaceFund’s capital injection into RSA will energize the company’s ongoing development of scientific and engineering infrastructure needed to create a holistic, world-leading Lunar Intelligence (LUNINT) capability as soon as 2024. This capability will yield a vital … Read more

ADI Awarded Contract to Refresh NOAA Satellite Systems With the ADEPT Software Platform

Applied Dynamics International (ADI), a global leader in industrial computing and connectivity, today announced the award of a contract from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to refresh its satellite systems. By leveraging new hardware and the ADEPT industrial computing platform, this project will add cybersecurity hardening and extend the serviceable life of these … Read more

Aviator Zone Academy Named Best in the Region Flight School by National Association

Aviator Zone Academy has been recognized for its excellence in flight training by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the world’s largest aviation association. The flight school has been awarded the title of 2021-22 Best Flight School in the Southern Region and is the only flight school in the Southern Region to earn this recognition. … Read more