Paradigm Personality Labs Launches the New WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

Paradigm Personality Labs, a workplace assessment organization, today announced the launch of their next-generation WorkPlace Big Five Profile ™ behavioral assessments and reports. These tools, developed over the past 18 months, go beyond traditional assessments to deliver a personalized roadmap for success.  The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™’s primary objective is to allow organizations to tap … Read more

Project Management Radar 2021 – a Look Into the Future

The PM radar is a 360-degree overview of the project management field, including skills, practices, tools, and trends named as the most important by the survey respondents. Each category of the radar was rated separately and then put into one report for better overall understanding and evaluation.  The findings of the project management radar reflect the current situation in the industry, allowing us to get a general understanding … Read more

ShortDot’s Newest Service, ShortBlock, is Now Live for Registrars to Offer to Trademark Holders

With one interaction, registrars and their clients can protect trademarks against revenue and reputation damage that could be caused by fraudsters using brand names in distaste or with negative sentiments. ShortBlock is designed to help registrars and registrants easily maintain a portfolio of trademark blocks across all of ShortDot’s domain extensions and prevent anyone from … Read more

TimeClick Hosts Live Webinar on PTO, Vacation, Sick, and Holiday Tracking

Yesterday, August 19, TimeClick, a time clock software company based in Utah, hosted a live webinar on PTO, vacation, sick, and holiday tracking. Grant Esser, the Marketing Manager at TimeClick, presented the webinar with a live walkthrough of the time clock software’s PTO tracker. The webinar’s two objectives were outlined as giving the viewers an understanding of … Read more

Fierce Conversations Named to the Silicon Review’s ’50 Best Companies to Watch in 2021′

Fierce Conversations, a Seattle-based leadership development organization, has been named to The Silicon Review’s “50 Best Companies to Watch in 2021.” Fierce, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, joins an impressive list of companies from around the world that have been recognized for their innovation and innovative services. “What an honor to be selected to this … Read more

German-American Business Council of Boston Elects Jan Hartmann as New President

The board of directors of The German-American Business Council of Boston, Inc. (GABC) is pleased to announce the election of Jan Hartmann, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Haemonetics, as its new president. Dr. Hartmann is taking over the presidency from Bodo Liesenfeld who did not seek reelection. “I congratulate Jan wholeheartedly and I am certain … Read more

A1 Medical Imaging Commends Recent Research Confirming MRI Effectiveness in Detecting Early Recurrent Breast Cancer

A1 Medical Imaging’s Chief Operating Officer, Marilyn Radakovic, RN, applauded recent research that indicates magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is effective in detecting interval breast cancers in women with a prior history of the disease. The research that was published June 8, 2021, in the Radiology journal concluded that breast MRI has been shown to improve the … Read more

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Provides Certain Advantages Compared to Computed Tomography (CT) Technology

Peter Solodko, CEO of A1 Medical Imaging with Open MRI centers in Florida and Georgia, explains the advantages of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compared to computed tomography (CT) when it comes to obtaining detailed images of the inside of the human body. MRI and CT scanners are based on two very different technologies. “Computerized tomography … Read more

A1 Medical Imaging CEO and COO Explain What an MRI Procedure Is and How to Prepare to Have One Done

Peter Solodko, Chief Executive Officer, and Marilyn Radakovic, RN, Chief Operating Officer at A1 Medical Imaging, provide valuable information about what magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is and how to prepare to have an MRI procedure done. A1 Medical Imaging has established a reputation as a leader in the field of medical diagnostic imaging. From its multiple … Read more

A1 Medical Imaging to Be Part of Artificial Intelligence Software Development for Medical Diagnostic Imaging Industry

Marilyn Radakovic, RN, Chief Operating Officer at A1 Medical Imaging, is excited to announce the company will become an integral part in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software products for the Medical Diagnostic Imaging Industry. This program, which is just getting started, is being spearheaded by Consolidated Healthcare Services (CHS), a company that is … Read more