Newest and Smallest Healthcare Tester iCare Keeps Track of Heart Health in 2021

With the culminated 20-year experience in AI technology and medical expertise, the joint R&D team presents the world’s smallest cardiovascular tester – iCare-Pro. The invention has already reached 3,000% (0.6 million USD) of its fundraising target on Indiegogo. In just 60 seconds a day, users can identify early symptoms of heart disease and seek medical attention for preventive care. 
Indiegogo iCare-Pro:
In the USA, nearly 2,200 people die from cardiovascular diseases every day, which translate into one out of every three death, leading the top cause of death in the United States ( To resolve this, the iCare team, CLOUDMED, has applied decades of accumulated experience to build the world’s smallest cardiovascular tester iCare-Pro. Using an extensive database to analyze personal physical conditions, the device can spot early signs of heart health and brain damage, while alerting its users to seek medical treatment or make lifestyle changes.
iCare-Pro utilizes the premium spec of photoelectric sensors to accurately monitor key health metrics. Just pressing onto iCare-Pro with both thumbs for 60 seconds, it will quickly measure 15 important health metrics, such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, fatigue, physiological age, etc., surpassing other alternatives on the market. iCare-Pro also combines AI technology and online health service to provide professional analysis and consultation. According to the data, over 4,000 users have received effective warnings of health risk; 40% of patient-users identified symptoms of heart disease and received preventive treatment, while the other 60% are using iCare to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
As cases of the COVID-19 pandemic are still rising globally, people need to be more aware of health conditions. With an accuracy superior to other smart bracelets, iCare-Pro is truly an advanced instrument designed to protect its users’ health. iCare-Pro is now available on Indiegogo with a discounted early offer to own a piece of the newest high-tech HRM and secure a healthy and quality lifestyle.
Source: iCare-Pro