New Zealand Firm Set to Grow Sales in Russia

New Zealand nutritional lifestyle brand, LAZU announced today, that its award-winning colostrum and honey-based immunity drink, having been approved for sale in Russia and is now be available to consumers through their Moscow based Distributor, LLC Intertorg (

According to the company’s CEO, Richard Eltherington, to maintain supply has taken several months of effort. Despite the ongoing issues of transport and logistics of operating during lockdown in markets, which have been hit hard by Covid-19, the continued interest in this New Zealand made product is high.

“We have developed a completely unique product with our LAUZ Manuka Honey and Colostrum Formula, said Eltherington as he described the product. “We are the first company to combine the advantages of New Zealand’s unique manuka honey with the health benefits of colostrum, along with an excellent quality of New Zealand grass feed milk powder.”

Eltherington said “We have seen growth in the United States, in part, because it is so effective at supporting gut and immune health, but also because it tastes so good. But it is also important to understand that not all milk quality is the same. New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world that still practices pastoral farming. All the dairy cows are grazed on expansive green pastures, which dramatically improves the nutritional profile of the milk.”

Colostrum has been used for thousands of years in around regions of the world with domesticated dairy herds. During the last century, in the United States, it was commonly used as an antibacterial agent until the development of antibiotics. It has been reported that active components of colostrum are 100-fold to 1000-fold more potent than that from human colostrum.

In a recent study in the UK involving athletes, researchers reported that regular colostrum consumption helped to rebuild the immune system and make the athlete more responsive to a potential infection. This finding is especially important to those who lead an active or physically demanding lifestyle since this intense and prolonged activity can be a drain on their immune system and make them more susceptible to seasonal illness.

New Zealand’s manuka honey is one of the first honey’s to be extensively researched for its health benefits. Like colostrum, a great deal of attention has centred on its antibacterial and immune-supporting benefits.

Eltherington said “LAZU is the first brand to bring these two unique nutritional profile together in a dairy-based immunity drink, and it has been well received by those who have used the product in the Russian market.