New website for NZ Rental Tax Services by Mars Digital

At a time when a pandemic has prompted major industries to operate remotely through digital platforms, NZ Rental Tax Services — New Zealand’s leading provider of online tax accounting services for rental and investment property owners — has promptly unveiled a new website to help its clients do their tax returns more conveniently.

Launched in partnership with premier web design and development company Mars Digital, the website boasts a responsive and functional design that allows users to easily access reliable tax services — whether they’re browsing through their desktops, laptops, or even mobile gadgets.

Doing Tax Returns with Professionals

More often than not, the income tax you’ve initially filed and paid for can still be adjusted — you can either owe additional taxes that need to be paid or be eligible to get a refund of the taxes you’ve already paid. Hence, it is important to complete and file a tax return annually.

However, as tax laws can be complex and overwhelming, individuals and group entities often commit mistakes that cost them a significant amount of money. This problem can be avoided when you tap tax professionals to complete your tax return for you. When you work with a tax preparer, all your assets and deductibles will be taken into account, resulting in the most optimal tax return possible for your situation.

Why Choose NZ Rental Tax Services

NZ Rental Tax Services specialises in providing online tax accounting for rental and investment property owners. As this particular niche can cause quite the headache once the tax-filing season kicks in, seeking their help is a wise move. Here are the best reasons why you should hire their services.

Innovative platform. As a pioneering name in offering web-based tax services in New Zealand, the company knows the importance of adapting to the changing trends of the virtual world. With their newly designed website, they offer clients the most convenient digital experience possible when it comes to completing their tax returns remotely.

Experienced tax professionals. The rules and regulations governing property taxes are particularly tricky. Whether you are an individual entity, a partnership, or a full-service company in the real estate industry, NZ Rental Tax Services’ experienced tax professionals can complete and file your tax returns promptly.

Flexible plans. One of the best perks offered by the company is competitive pricing. They have affordable plans that can cater to a wide range of clients — whether what you own is a single family home, an apartment property, or a number of commercial or industrial properties. Depending on your tax-filing needs, the firm has a package of services offered at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Responsive customer service. As the company eyes ease, efficiency, and effectiveness in every project, it has a dedicated team of employees and tax experts that provide responsive customer service. Their online platform is also dedicated to answering queries from their clients.

Need help with your tax returns? NZ Rental Tax Services offers reliable rental and investment property tax services even online; visit for more information.