New Virtuance Survey Reveals Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2023

A new survey from Virtuance shows that more than 95% of real estate agents are using professional photography, the highest adoption rate since the company began its surveys in 2019. 
Virtuance is a nationwide real estate photography company that uses a proprietary automated image processing system called HDReal® with a mission to offer the world’s premier real estate visual marketing solution. 
Virtuance asked real estate professionals to complete a survey to gather data, drawing 400 responses. The survey’s focus was to determine what marketing efforts and business challenges professionals faced in 2022 and what marketing efforts, topics, and business goals they had for 2023. 
The most interesting findings were:
Past research has shown the importance of Virtuance’s professional photography in capturing buyers’ attention longer than other photography solutions, which is further solidified by real estate professionals’ adoption of professional photography. 
A summary of the 2023 Real Estate Marketing Trends report is available here, with the ability to download an in-depth PDF report. 
About the Study 
For this study, Virtuance surveyed real estate professionals across its nationwide market. In total, 424 real estate professionals responded, with the largest group of respondents having five to 10 years of experience. 
Survey questions asked agents about their 2022 marketing efforts and business challenges and their marketing plans and strategies for 2023. 
About Virtuance 
Virtuance is the creator of HDReal®, an award-winning proprietary imaging system designed to market real estate. HDReal® combines the art of photography with artificial intelligence and the science of visual marketing. The result is consistently stunning images proven to sell real estate faster and for more money.
Source: Virtuance