New Versions of EU Indoor Candle Standards

The European Union (EU) has issued new versions of safety standards for candles:
• EN 15493:2019 Candles. Specification for fire safety
• EN 15494: 2019 Candles. Product safety labels

These standards set out to ensure there is a reasonable degree of safety during the usage of indoor candles and help minimize inappropriate use during the burning of a candle.

The 2019 iterations of the standards make several changes to the previous 2007 versions, now superseded. According to EN 15493:2019, candle is defined as:

“One or more combustible wicks supported by a material that constitutes a fuel, which is solid or semisolid at room temperature (20°C to 27°C) with the main function of sustaining a light-producing flame, including any coatings on and articles or substances in the fuel.”

The standard also contains new definitions for floating candle, indoor candle, non-freestanding candle, after smoke time, and residual height.

In EN 15494:2019, there are also new definitions for:
• Candle
• Container candle
• Floating candle
• Indoor candle
• Tea light
• Votive candle
• Product safety label
• Supplementary safety information

To learn more about the changes to EU candle standards EN 15493 and EN 15494, see the original SafeGuard 170/19.

All conflicting national standards must be withdrawn by April 2020.

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