New Technology Brings Opportunity for Instant Network Growth to the Tip of Your Finger

Business networking is moving into the digital age, and with Mobicard, if you have a cell phone, you’ll always be able to connect to professionals around you.
Mobicard is a digital business card platform and it entered the marketplace to revolutionize networking, giving sales professionals the ability to share and contact information while on the go. Not only does Mobicard provide a new way of storing and sending your information, but it also provides real-time alerts when your contact information is activated.
“The use of cell phones has changed the way we interact and socialize, and we at Mobicard believe the cell phone should change the way we network,” said Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman and CEO at MobiCard. “Capitalizing on the increasing use of smartphones will not only benefit businesses, but also the professionals who will be able to expand their network seamlessly and efficiently.”
Mobicard is compatible with both iOS and Android systems and provides efficient targeting for your sales team. With the click of a button, your contact information will be sent to contacts, growing your network and ultimately your bottom line. With 96 percent of Americans using some type of cell phone, and 81 percent of those with smartphones, the potential reach for your sales team is limitless. 
About MobiCard
MobiCard has created a game-changer in the networking arena thanks to its exclusive and revolutionary customizable digital business card platform. This flexible and robust application, makes exchanging contact information virtually a seamless experience. There’s no limit to the creativity and ingenuity this app can provide for businesses and professionals alike as it provides an innovative networking solution that’ll disrupt the traditional paper business card business.
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