New Supplement for Gamers Draws Power From Nature

Vitagaming® is a new gaming supplement Company that provides a nutritional regimen that uniquely supports the lifestyle of elite gamers, offering a bespoke line of high-grade dietary supplements — each designed with clearly defined nutritional goals and are intended to be taken daily. “We totally understand that the rigors of elite gaming demands a lot more than off-the-shelf or rebranded products,” explains Jordan Totten, Founder. “Our VitaGaming supplements have been developed in consultation with serious gamers and have been customized to match specific needs.”
“What I found alarming, though, were the studies that show how elite-level gamers are more susceptible to metabolic dysregulation from long hours of sitting, as well as from excessive consumption of caffeine and sugar to keep them alert and awake. It’s this deep concern for the well-being of my fellow athletes that inspired the creation of VitaGaming.” – Totten
Powerhouse Ingredients from Nature
Made from the finest herbal and botanical ingredients, VitaGaming® provides essential nutrients that may strengthen physical and mental functions, and are conveniently packaged in concentrated volumes that are hard to obtain through diet alone.
Its proprietary line of supplements focus on enhancing the competencies professional gamers need the most: Brain Tech for sustained mental performance, Balanced Energy for heightened energy levels and quicker adjustments to rapid game changes, and Aligned Focus to increase cognitive functions and promote healthier responses to stress.
Each product has its own unique blend of herbs and medicinal plant extracts to work synergistically in unleashing the optimal strength of health-giving properties, and have been proven to be safe and effective by both traditional and modern medicine. Major components found in VitaGaming® supplements are natural nootropics that are widely known boost energy and brainpower, such as Bacopa Monnieri, Ashwagandha, Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and Rhodiola Rosea, among other vital ingredients.
Proudly Made in the USA
VitaGaming® supplements are proudly made in the USA. The company’s trademark products are formulated and manufactured locally, using only the finest plant-based ingredients whose known restorative properties have been tested by time and verified by science. VitaGaming® guarantees customers of high-quality sports nutrition supplements that are safe, effective, FDA Compliant, as well as has the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal. On top of its price point being lower than competing brands, VitaGaming® provides loyal customers a chance to turn their online presence into profit through its Affiliate Program, where they can earn a generous commission on every sale. When you’re ready to make the move to embark on a game-changing gaming supplements, check out VitaGaming.  
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