New Source Technology Announces 25-Year Anniversary

New Source Technology, LLC announced its 25th year serving the laser and electro-optic market with innovative products and services. Founded in 1996 to support the ever-growing need for flashlamps, capacitor charging power supplies, and associated components, the company product portfolio includes: optical engines, laser rods, crystals, pockels cells and other critical optical components.
“We are very proud of our growth. With the dedication and effort of our team, we have successfully grown our brand from our U.S. base into Asia and Europe.  Our focus moving forward is to combine our component expertise related to pump chambers, flashlamps, rods, etc. with our optical engine design know-how to provide our aesthetic and surgical OEM customers with the optionality to source stand-alone critical components such as our best-in-class powder-based pump chambers, an optical engine kit, or an assembled, aligned, conditioned, drop-in ready optical pump chamber assembly or sub-system,” said Greg Pon, President and Founder. 
New products include continued development of a portfolio of Pump Chamber Assemblies and Samarium doped glass pump chambers for QS:YAG. Xenon flash lamps continue to be a strong core competence at New Source, along with pump chambers, laser rods, pockels cells, and capacitor charging power supplies.
About Us.
New Source Technology is located in Pleasanton, CA, with offices in Japan to service the Asian Market.    
Greg Pon, President
New Source Technology LLC
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Pleasanton, CA  94588
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Source: New Source Technology