New Silk Scarf Collection From Eliza Christoph Vividly Highlights Iconic Portraiture Inspired by Kenya

Designed with an artistic vibrancy not typically found in the mainstream, a new modernist silk scarf collection from Eliza Christoph comes to the fore. With the collection, the brand exhibits an ecstatic interplay of colors to highlight the Kenyan traditions of Maasai tribes and the country’s landscapes. Each palpable design inspires sophistication in hand-painted wearable pieces of art made of Italian silk. Essential for holiday gifting, Eliza Christoph’s new abstract silk scarves marry ethical luxury to culturally celebrated art forms. And from the marriage, we have the birth of fashionability personified. 
With a choice of 13 scarf designs, either hand-painted or digitally designed, fashionable options are offered in two sizes; 36″ x 36″ and 21.5″ x 21.5. Keeping both ethical and sustainable fashion top-of-mind, Eliza Christoph has chosen an Italian silk textile partner with the same mindset. The technology used to make the scarves reduces silk drying times and water waste, resulting in a 40% reduction in energy and CO2 emissions.
Moreover, every purchase reaps support to artisan communities in Kenya. With a commitment to the region, a portion of the profits from finished products will go back to the community via the Eliza Christoph Foundation.
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About Eliza Christoph:
New York-based Eliza Christoph is a sustainable and ethical luxury fashion brand committed to empowering women artisans in Kenya by creating and supporting jobs. Kenyan-born Founder Liz Njoroge mixes vibrant African-inspired prints on Italian fabrics with timeless and versatile silhouettes. The brand’s collection consists of versatile staples that add effortless sophistication to any woman’s closet. A portion of the profits from finished accessories made in Italy supports communities where artisans live and work.
Jess Kennedy
Communications Manager, Eliza Christoph
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