New Show ‘Blacktinidad’ Premieres on LATV

LATV (Latino Alternative TV) announces the premiere of its brand new Afro-Latino/a/x series Blacktinidad, this Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021, at 8:30 p.m. EST / 9:30 p.m. PST on broadcast and across LATV’s digital, social and streaming platforms, where Latinos engage with the content in the formats and channels they prefer.
As the latest series to be developed as part of the LATV Studios’ inclusive content strategy, Blacktinidad is a weekly show that dissects the Afro-Latinx experience by analyzing hard facts, examining social trends, and engaging in deep conversations with special guests. 
Blacktinidad is hosted by Melany Centeno, an Afro-Boricua professional dancer, actress & certified fitness trainer, known as @melanymovez on the gram. With a degree in clinical laboratory science, experience working in a stem cell lab, and a career as a seasoned professional dancer, Melany reflects LATV’s multifaceted and complex Latinx audience. 
“I am beyond humbled to be the host of Blacktinidad- a show that is a first of its kind. A dissection of the black experience through the lens of Afro-Latinx people. A people who for too long were not seen or heard. A little education, a little exploration, and a lot of conversation; Here at LATV we’re going to give Afro-Latinx people a platform to unapologetically say, ‘we here, we black, and yes, we proud.’ And that’s dope AF!” said Melany Centeno. 
Blacktinidad crosses boundaries with its pressing subject matter and informative conversations. Melany Centeno dares to ask the often overlooked questions many are afraid to tackle. On the premiere, Melany will speak on the nuances and misconceptions of the “Afro-Latino” identity.
“Blacktinidad is a prime example of what happens when we put our trust in the resources of our own community. At LATV, not only are we redefining culture, we’re representing ourselves authentically in a way that mainstream Hollywood continuously overlooks. We could not be more proud of our role in expanding the lens through which people all over the world understand the intricacies of what it means to be Latino,” said Bruno Seros-Ulloa, Co-Executive Director of LATV. 
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Additionally, LATV is thrilled to announce our new Hilo, Hawai’i affiliate, KWHD TV CH 14.
Source: LATV