New Service of Inditex Certification Consultancy in India is now started by – A trusted name in ISO certification consultancy and one of the largest ISO Consultancy Company in India that is offering system certification, system auditor training and ISO system implementation services. In recent, started to offer its new service of Inditex Certification Consultancy with the help of experienced team of ISO consultants.

Basically, since 1963 Inditex came, with a small family business in a workshop making women’s clothing. To achieve Inditex requirements need to be implemented such as No forced labour, No child labour, No discrimination, etc is having vast experience in the implementation of Inditex Certification in chemical and textile industries The Inditex Consultants of, is guiding in each and every process for effective Inditex certification implementation.

One more feather to its cap has added on by including this new service to its wide range of ISO consultancy services, with the aim to provide better system implementation with Establishment of facility to overcome the key environmental and occupational, health and safety related issues. The major benefits of Inditex Membership are Open market to supply materials to Inditex, Internal benefit in terms of productivity and reduction in the wastage etc.

The major aspects of Inditex Consultants are Guide for compliance with all legal requirements, establish the facility inside the organization for safe working and establish the documents for the maintaining traceability etc. In the Process of Inditex certification such points Pre-assessment, Social Audits, Special audits and Traceability audits are used to verify the traceability of the supply chain via the Manufacturer Management System.

Steps followed for Inditex Certification by

• Micro–level survey for each and every department of the organization against the specific requirements of Inditex as well as requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO

• Preparation of applicable documents required by Inditex Certification based on detail study of all activities of company.

• Training to all levels of employees of Company for Inditex requirements,

• Helps in effective implementation of system by periodic visit till assessment by Inditex,

• Help during periodic assessment by Inditex

• Help in closing of non-conformities issued during the assessment.

About – India, a leading ISO consultancy company in India, provides ISO implementation, documentation, auditor training as well as management training. Punyam has implemented ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 37001, ISO 15189, ISO 17020, ISO 17024, ISO 13485, SA8000, FSSC 22000, ISO 44001, BRC, GMP, CE mark, and many more associated quality standards in all industries since 1991. Punyam has small and big size manufactures and services provider organizations as a list of satisfied clients in India. For more details visit our web portal at