New Report Finds 59 Drugs Have Been Recalled Due to Glass-Related Issues Since 2014

SiO2 Materials Science, a privately owned U.S.-based advanced materials science company, today released the findings from their new report: Glass-Related Recalls in Pharma: 2014 – July 2021

The report collected publicly available recall information from the FDA and European regulators. The report then identified 59 instances where drugs were recalled due to glass-related issues between January 2014 and July 2021. The causes identified include recalls for delamination, particulate matter, breakage, ethylene oxide residuals and adhesive issues. 
“This year we’ve already seen 18 recalls due to glass-related problems,” said Lawrence Ganti, President at SiO2 Materials Science. “Until the industry breaks free from being dependent on borosilicate glass packaging, a material that was invented 100 years ago and hasn’t evolved since, we will continue to see more recalls, and more importantly, we’ll continue to see patients’ health and safety put at risk. This report confirms our belief that it’s time for the pharma industry to rethink the use of glass.” 
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