New Report Answers Key Questions on the Metaverse Market Opportunity

Kinetic Consulting, the leading boutique consulting company providing consultancy to accelerate business growth and transform business, has announced the release of their new report on the metaverse. The 16-page report offers answers to all the critical questions people ask to understand the metaverse market opportunity and the potential for their own business. 
Following on from Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about Facebook hedging its future on the metaverse and transforming its name to Meta, many people have been seeking information about the metaverse. The report, titled What is the metaverse? – Market potential & opportunities explained provides a synthesis of all the key elements that define what research company Emergen Research says will be a US 1.6 trillion-dollar market by 2030. 
The report outlines the components that make up the metaverse and differentiate it from simply being a game. “The magnitude of the opportunity of the metaverse can only be realised if the metaverse can deliver a better experience to the end-user than what they can get today,” said the CEO and author of the report, Joe Tawfik. Metaverse projects such as RFOX and Roblox are examples of companies building robust ecosystems that will drive usage, new content and enable self-sustaining virtual economies. The ecosystems of metaverses have the potential to address the business problems that metaverses are trying to fix. 
Beyond the hype lies a genuine technological revolution called the metaverse. With major technology and entertainment companies like Meta, Google, Sony and Disney making investments in the metaverse sector, there is sure to be enough momentum to make it a commercial reality. However, not all metaverse projects will be successful unless they have unique value propositions on offer for end-users. The report examines the unique attributes of the metaverse value propositions most likely to appeal to end-users and usher in a new area for the internet. 
The report can be downloaded for free from the Kinetic Consulting website:
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