New Remote Program to Assist Young Adults by NGO Earth Agent

NGO Earth Agent will be launching a new program that will offer free housing to young adults to focus on pursuing their dream career in Hollywood. Upon completion of the program, they will receive the apartment.

NGO Earth Agent is proudly announcing a New Program, “Remote Work Company.” This is an innovative concept of remote work where NGO Earth Agent hires young adults in their desired field and support their careers without any uncertainty.

In this program, “Remote Work Company,” NGO Earth agent provides young adults free housing while they are pursuing their dream career, especially in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Actual work opportunities will be offered along with internships to participants of the program so that they can expand their networks and connections withing the industry and learn they job they are interested in by shadowing and working with professionals. At the same time, their bills, rent, utility, and Wi-Fi will be covered. They also receive a salary of 10+k every month, based on their work/position. The young adults who successfully complete this program will be given the apartment after 10 years. In total, upon completion of this program, participants will be receiving housing; job experience; job position; industry connections.

The disappointing fact that Hollywood statistics shows that more than 70% of Unites States Citizens who move to Hollywood to pursue their dream career give up due to financial reasons. With the 10k extra cash provided, this program allows young adults to eliminate the financial dilemmas that would prevent them from pursuing their dream career.

With 5G networks and advanced technologies, remote work will be the typical way work will be done over the next couple of years. Instead of paying rent for office space, NGO can utilize the rent to pay for young adults’ living spaces. If the young adults do not like the apartment given to them upon completion of the program, NGO Earth Agent will purchase the apartment from them or help them with loans to get the place they truly desire.