New Psychological Thriller ‘Mateo & Cliff’ Tackles the Complexities of Homelessness & Mental Health

M5 Productions tackles homelessness and mental illness in the psychological thriller “Mateo & Cliff”. The film stars Actor/Producer Phillip E. Walker, “Westworld & Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History”, as Phillip E. Walker as Mateo, a homeless man battling mental health issues who confronts his alter (younger self), Cliff, portrayed by Terrence Prince, “Swag Inc,” in this emotionally compelling feature short.
The film also stars Sianna Lyons as Nicole. Mateo & Cliff is an affirming and suspenseful story about a homeless man’s struggle with mental health issues to feel safe, whole, and sane through Cliff his younger self. The film is in post-production and is scheduled for release in May 2022 to usher in and raise awareness of Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM #breakthestigma).
Ogechi Musa, “Friction, The Hodge, and Midst”, helmed the project as writer/director. Musa was motivated to tell a story that depicts all facets of homelessness triggered by mental health issues when the pendulum of life swings in an unforeseen direction. The promise of a career, relationship and success are all upended when Cliff slowly devolves into Mateo. The confrontation between “Mateo & Cliff” spirals into palpable violence as Mateo slowly becomes unhinged. The film gives a front seat view of what it means to suffer from Homelessness and Mental Health issues, while shining a light on the complexities of those who have been wounded both physically and emotionally. Mateo & Cliff is meant to bring awareness of the courage it takes to be a survivor and to draw attention to an issue that has become a national epidemic. Musa is an amazing director with a unique vision of the world. Her skill in creating psychological intensity that brings the characters to life draws the audience in.
In recognition of, and solidarity with Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM), “I can’t think of a more thrilling and timely film project to draw attention to the movement. Mateo & Cliff are the kind of characters any director dreams of bringing to life,” says Musa.
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