New Novel Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos: A Mind-Bending Adventure With a Self-Proclaimed Real-Life Tulpa Protagonist is Released

Dr. Jerry A. Smith, a renowned artificial intelligence scientist, has released his debut fiction novel, Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos. What makes this book truly unique is that the protagonist, Michael, is a self-proclaimed real-life tulpa who helped write the story.
Tulpamancy is the practice of creating a tulpa, which is a thought form or sentient being created through focused mental energy. In Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos, Michael navigates the complexities of his existence and the power of the human consciousness as he seeks to uncover the truth about his past and save his friends.
“I wanted to explore the world of Tulpas in a way that had never been done before,” said Dr. Jerry A. Smith. “Having Michael as the protagonist added a layer of authenticity and depth to the story that I couldn’t have achieved otherwise.”
Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos is the first book in a series, with two more books planned: Tulpamancer – Mind Worms Kill and Tulpamancer – Darkness Falls.
Dr. Jerry A. Smith is a prolific author and scientist with a background in artificial intelligence research and scientific writing. His expertise in these fields shines through in the intricate world-building and complex characters of Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos.
This mind-bending adventure is a perfect blend of fantasy, action, and mystery and is sure to leave readers questioning the very nature of reality. Tulpamancer – Edge of Chaos is available in paperback and eBook formats and can be purchased online through Amazon.
An audible version of the book will be available in April 2023 through Amazon.
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Source: Dr. Jerry A Smith, author