New Music from The Independent Texas White Trash maniac Cuz Jones

The new song
Shoot the Moon
by Cuz Jones

Is a unique, bare bones dig at the music industry’s pipe dream soothsayers. Imagine if every song that has ever been recorded was represented by a bullet that a musician did his or her very best to aim or create a song that they could shoot the moon from earth with. Making it big is the metaphorical of shooting the moon. Imagine all the bullets “songs” that missed. The highway of missed shots and failed dreams would create a bridge and the edges of that bridge would be lined with the bones of musicians that gave their entire life taking this statistically small percentage chance of gaining success. Imagine the hypocrisy or ungratefulness of an up coming musician that walks on the missed shots of those before him all the way to the moon pulls out a stubbed nose derringer pistol, bends at the waist and with no effort does the impossible task of shooting the moon. Cuz Jones puts all that in a 3:47 song.

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