New Movement Out of Miami Bringing Hope to the Hopeless Globally

A rising movement called “Do Better World” began in August of 2020 as a simple yet brilliant and powerful idea that was created and developed by Sir Jean Pierre R. and co-founded by Mouna Awtoul, V Sejour, and Alexandre Telfort Fils to respond to the devastating events that have plagued the Haitian population in recent years.
“A lot of people are being transported from Texas to Florida with no clothes and other essential items simply because they cannot afford the inflated baggage fees.” ~ Mouna Awtoul
However; it is extremely important to stress that the Do Better World movement is not strictly limited to a particular Nation or group of individuals inside the Haitian community, but is committed to addressing the disparities that affect any and all decaying communities globally and focusing on the principles of Health, Education, and Nutrition. Do Better World is currently operating in Del Rio, Texas to support the Haitian population, currently held at the United States border, providing the most basic and essential items such as food, water, body wash, clothes, hygienic supplies, and first aid medication.
“How can we build a better world? It’s by going above and beyond in every small individual action we take as well as large collective actions. It is by ensuring that each country and all people live their potential fully in a flourishing society.” ~ Alexandre Telfort Fils
Do Better World is also currently working on helping Haiti on the wake of the numerous tragic devastations that have troubled the nation and its people recently. Haiti has suffered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake just weeks after the assassination of its President Jovenel Moise. Do Better World is diligently up and running to raise global awareness to the suffering of the Haitian people and attract world leader’s attention to provide immediate care and support.
For more information on how to get involved in the Do Better World Movement, visit their website at or contact them at (305) 492-5287 /
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Source: Do Better World