New Market Opportunity Advisory Fund (AEM) – APB Mason Sterling PWA announces full subscription

William Sheffield – Head of APB Client International Relation has officially informed the firm’s clients in the monthly newsletter, that AEM Venture Fund has been fully subscribed.

This fund build within APB Mason Sterling targets off-market secondary opportunities across the private equity spectrum, with an emphasis on small- and mid-cap buyouts and special situations funds.

“AEM Venture Fund’s targets are the emerging markets and new market trends, with an emphasis on a new technology opportunities, such as blockchain, bio-tech and green energy. There is tremendous potential in these markets as we are already seeing exceptional returns from green energy and alternative agriculture projects.”

“(…) Every project opportunity undergoes a 6-month minimum period of audit by our Fin-Dev team at APB Sterling Mason. We perform stress test prior to advising our clients on the opportunity.” “(…) Although we focus on new opportunities, off the market opportunities as they are called, we do not audit new startups, quite the opposite we engage only well-established, stable track-record companies.” — William Sheffield Head of APB Client International Relation.

The AEM Fund will seek diversification by managers, portfolio strategies and regions. APB Mason Sterling has created the AEM advisory fundfor existing firm’s clients and new limited partners, such as endowments, foundations, public and corporate pension plans, family offices, insurance companies and high net worth individuals.

The AEM Advisory Fund was the first step APB Mason Sterling has taken forward to satisfy the increasing client demand to gain access to niche and developing markets and secondary market opportunities.

Elliot W. Steinbeck
Director of APB Mason Sterling Press-Relations
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