New Look, Fresh Functionality, Peak Performance: Introducing the Revamped Platform

Used by thousands of mobile app developers and advertisers across the globe, the platform is being revamped with a fresh, updated look. This includes an enhanced, user-friendlier layout, and a range of extra features and functionality designed to make the experience smoother, smarter, and better performing.
The new rollout includes the following additions and upgrades:
For mobile app developers and advertisers, the platform provides access to over 2.4 billion monthly active users, 500,000 active apps and a vast global network of first-party mobile user data. With the revamped platform, that access is more functional, friendly, and performance-driven than ever before.
Visit the platform to view the improved experience. 
About is a mobile marketing and audience platform that is reinventing mobile marketing by leveraging the largest independent app distribution.’s direct integration with over 500K monthly active apps provides access to unprecedented levels of global first-party data, which can be leveraged to understand and predict behaviors, identify new opportunities and fuel growth.