New E-book Explores The 9 Secrets Of How To Loose Weight, Gain More Energy And Finally Get Well

Los Gatos, CA : Naturopathic Doctor Renee Young announces the release of her brand new eBook “The 9 Reasons You are Sick, Fat and Tired”. The eBook is available now for free download on her website

Dr. Renee Young is a world-renowned naturopathic doctor specializing in endocrinology, weight management, and autoimmune conditions. With a passion for helping people suffering with weight issues, fatigue, depression, and chronic pain, Dr. Young has made it her goal to help restore bodies to optimum performance. She wants everybody to feel and look great.

“Personal experience with the limitations of traditional medicine in treating my own illness is what attracted me to be a naturopathic doctor. I got to the root cause of my problem and it helped to change my life. Now I want to do the same for others.” -Author, Dr. Renee Young

The eBook The 9 Reasons You are Sick, Fat, and Tired explores the main commonalities in people who suffer from these kinds of issues. The eBook explores topics like stress, sex hormones, and nutrition deficiencies and explains why these could all could be contributing to why you are sick, fat, and tired. The eBook not only puts a strong emphasis on medical phenomena that could be causing these types of symptoms in your body, but it also explores how mental and emotional problems like stress and mood disorders can also play into these symptoms. Dr. Renee Young goes through each of the nine reasons in the eBook and carefully explains not only how and why these issues occur, but also the things that you should and can do to take action against it.

Dr. Renee Young gives readers all the information and resources that they need to start their journeys to better, healthier bodies. Dr. Young knows that the answer to these kinds of issues is not always simple which is why she shares her own personal battles with weight and exhaustion as frames of reference. Using a little bit of detective work to identify the problem as well as a self-healing process and natural therapies, Dr. Young’s book can help you discover the root of your symptoms.

The eBook is now available for free download at

About Dr. Renee Young ND & Young Naturopathic Center For Wellness
Dr. Renee Young, ND, is a world renowned Naturopathic Doctor specializing in endocrinology and autoimmune diseases. She has been in active practice as a naturopathic primary care doctor since 2002. She founded Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness in 2004 in Los Gatos, California which provides a variety of services including: preventative natural health care, hormone balancing, weight loss management, natural medical aesthetic services and nutritional IV therapy. Dr. Young provides services to patients both locally and around the world. Dr. Young is the author of “The 9 Hidden Reasons You Are Sick, Fat and Tired” eBook which is available as a Free Download on her site. For more information about Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness, visit

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