New Company Launch – Global Oversupply Inc.

Global Oversupply Inc., a Canadian Incorporated Company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new online service and website.
After extensive research in the marketplace and customer feedback, Global Oversupply Inc. has developed a platform that allows customers to promote and dispose of excess inventory and supplies online, giving them access to markets around the world.

Larry Clark, Director, Operations for Global Oversupply, said, “I am again proud to partner with Rod Duhamel on this new venture and continue our successful path of online services to the industrial marketplace. The initial response has been incredibly positive; we are encouraged that our platform will make a positive financial impact on companies looking to liquidate overstock and excess inventory efficiently.”
The realm of global commerce is represented in trillions of dollars. With ever-increasing internet connectivity and a major shift toward e-based transactions, necessity intersects with convenience at Global Oversupply Inc.
Global Oversupply Inc. transcends the typical boom and bust cycle. In times of economic expansion, over-produced products become readily available and, during an economic contraction, overstocked inventory and used inventory head to market to recover much-needed capital. Global Oversupply Inc. bridges the gap by creating a commercial platform between willing buyers and sellers.
At this time, Global Oversupply is also very pleased to announce partnerships with three companies, which will assist in shipping, logistics internationally and domestically, as well as third-party inspection services.
SGS Canada – “When you need to be sure”
SGS Canada began in 1948 as a specialist provider of services for the agricultural industry. Today, with operations across Canada, the company has rapidly evolved into highly technical service provision, conducting precise and accurate analytical testing. With 2600 locations worldwide SGS provides best in class third-party inspection services.
Trusted Dispatch – Specializing in shipping heavy haul, agricultural and oversized loads in North America.
Trusted Dispatch is a technology company that will integrate with Global Oversupply and provide a user enhancement by using proprietary technology and algorithms to instantly provide shipping quotes in the click of a few buttons.
The technology also partners up loads in need of transport with professional owner-operators who have been screened and vetted who are looking for loads.
Pentagon Freight Services
Pentagon is an International freight forwarder dedicated solely to the import/export of equipment related to the oil and gas, mining, and energy sectors, full-service freight forwarding with extensive experience in handling all modes of transportation – air/ocean, rail and truck, with worldwide reach. 
About the Company:
Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, Global Oversupply Inc. is the online marketplace to list and source industrial equipment of all types. Major categories include heavy equipment, pipes, valves, structural steel, power generation, and lift systems to name a few. Its mission is to be an international marketplace where individuals and organizations can better promote their industrial equipment.

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Source: Global Oversupply Inc.