New Book Violence: Metamorphosis by Kyle Doty

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Kyle Doty Violence: Metamorphosis hitting stores everywhere now.

A proportion is a share that is in comparative relation to a whole. As such, Violence: Metamorphosis is about the amount of everyday violence that must go into the metamorphosis of life. The collection weaves together topics of marriage, children, nature, faith, and regret. Violence: Metamorphosis gives voice to the mundane terror of day-to-day life and creates a balance between that terror and the peace that we seek.

Kyle Doty is the author of Hush, Don’t Tell Nobody and Winter Lightning. He works at a virtual school from his home office where he is managed by two imperious felines, Catticus Finch and Thatcher. Kyle is, at times, a freelance writer and editor.
He is also a doctoral student at Southeastern University studying curriculum and instruction. Kyle lives in rural Florida with his family.

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