New Book Published by MoonPhaze LLC

MoonPhaze LLC is pleased to announce the release of a new science fiction novel by Central Florida author John Lars Shoberg. The publication date for De-Evolution is November 30, 2020.

In De-Evolution, Mr Shoberg studies a human colony on a far-distant planet that discovers they are not alone on the planet, that a village of cave-dwellers are descended from a thriving civilization of vast cities that had suddenly devolved a couple centuries ago. Then the humans realize that their own minds are being effected; they are losing their memories of how to do things. Can the humans find the reason for this devolution and nullify it, or are they destined to become cave-dwellers as well?

This is the fourth science fiction novel from Mr Shoberg, who believes, “science fiction must involve science”. He relies on his degrees in chemistry and information technology to help him research various sciences and technologies for his books.

Bookstores and libraries can order copies of De-Evolution by John Lars Shoberg direct from the printer,

Individuals may order copies of De-Evolution from The list price is $19.99, but they are accepting pre-orders through Nov 30, 2020 for $12.00 + $2.50 shipping per copy.

Questions may be directed to Trudy Myers at, or 402-305-8338.