New Book Launch: Third Edition of “Beyond Darwin, the Program Hypothesis” by Miguel Ribeiro

After the launch of intriguing second edition of “Beyond Darwin” in June 2019, the third edition of “’Beyond Darwin, the Program Hypothesis” is ready to get public attention. The author, Miguel Ribeiro, has approached one of the most contentious and complex issues confronting humanity: first, the origins and then, the evolutionary course of life. It is a serious effort and described vividly with the brave, thoughtful, informative conceptions.

About the Author:
Miguel Ribeiro was born on 18th August 1952 in Lisbon.He is a Fellow of the College of Physicians of South Africa and worked as a consultant in Internal Medicine at Tygerberg Hospital headquartered in Cape Town. He is currently the medical director of ClínicaMédicaInternacional de Lisboa( CMIL).

Four years after graduation in medicine, he shifted to South Africa where he worked from 1980 to 1991. Moved by the exuberant pathology and by the dignified and serene attitude towards chronic disease and death by black patients, Miguel Ribeiro recorded his impressions and captured them in his lens. There is a sample of a large collection of medical photographs of that period. Later, this revolutionary collection of medical photography has been shared with the Dept. of Internal Medicine of Kalafong Hospital (where he worked as a consultant).

With the close observation of ailing human body and mind, he became concerned with the abstract depiction of the human body and how the sculptural potential in it can be explored as an object, stripped of its human identity. He sequenced some of the photographic series in short films with music during the latter two years of this period. This enriched collection is titled “Abstract Body”.

He was passionate about classical music and medicine since his mid-teens. When he turned twenty scores and six, he became fanatical about photography. But, quite suddenly and overwhelmingly, this pattern was overturned again in early 2010 when he penning down a book and later published it in the name of ‘Universoprogramado, Uma AlternativaaoDarwinismo e à religião'( Gradiva, Oct 2013 ).

His obsession with the subject continued through his second book, ‘Beyond Darwin, the Program Hypothesis” (, first edition Oct 2018; second edition June 2019), the third edition of which will soon get published.

About the Book:
The book focuses on presenting a model of the evolution and emergence of life consistent with an informative view of the universe – accordingly, a functional junk DNA, adaptive mutation, sentience, and life as algorithms. This upholds the notion of the genome as software.

Highlighting the need for a program, our brain converts the patterns of atoms and radiation into the world of our perception similar to a computer program that converts any instruction into the binary patterns of “zeroes and ones” and displays audiovisual animation. Miguel Ribeiro clearly outlines the rationale that sets the program hypothesis apart from intelligent design.

The core premise of this book is “Complexity cannot be achieved by chance”. The universe as information – as a hologram, computer, or simulation comes forth as a compelling explanation for our complex universe. Its mathematical structure coupling with finely tuned laws of physics and constants of nature cease to be a phenomenal string of coincidences to set parameters of the proposed program. In this novel, he further supports the thesis by demonstrating that the multiverse does not explain the principles of physics nor do the laws of physics unravel the evolution of the universe and life.

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