New Book by Paul Drewitt: Karinya

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Paul Drewitt Karinya hitting stores everywhere now.

Kirra is a 17-year-old girl growing up in the Aboriginal community of Karinya in urban Darwin, Australia. Kirra seeks a better life for herself and her people, as she is constantly subjected to extreme poverty and abuse. Until one day Banjo wins a prize – an all-expenses-paid stay at the local resort. Here they are mistakenly identified as robbers and pursued by the police. Through Kirra’s journey of self-discovery, she grows as a leader of her community and takes over. Through self-determination, she creates a movement towards a mutual understanding of contemporary Aboriginal issues, in which newly educated people take action to address injustices suffered by Aboriginal people.

Paul Drewitt is an Australian based writer of poetry, short stories and crime fiction novels. His work is known as being creative and forthright, always telling a worthwhile story that engages the senses and tweaks the mind. Paul does his best writing on the beach, in a library and at home in sunny Darwin, Australia. When he isn’t reading or writing, he’s probably playing chess, watching Seinfeld or planning that perfect lesson to teach his high school class. He is a proud Senior Teacher who mentors others to achieve their life long goals; an occupation like no other in the world. Paul lives in the Northern Territory of Australia with his partner and three children, a medium-sized dog and a black cat.

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