New Book by Lyn Coffin: Three Centuries – Three Poets

New York, NY – ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer Three Centuries – Three Poets: An Anthology of Georgian Poetry translated by Lyn Coffin hitting stores everywhere on October 3rd, 2019.

Lyn Coffin’s anthology samples this culture by translating the greatest of Georgia’s 19th century Romantics, the most beloved of 20th-century lyrical symbolists, and one of the most interesting of contemporary poets.

Lyn Coffin is perhaps the first professional English-language poet to devote her time and talent to the task of translating Georgian poetry, a poetry which, largely because of the language’s complexity, the extraordinary rhyming virtuosity of its poets and the often complex, half-Oriental, half-Occidental outlook of its culture has been considered one of the most resistant to translation.

Nikoloz Baratashvili had the genius and mystery to attract attention outside his own land.

“…the intertwining of folk myth and literary Symbolism, and the musicality: they show Galaktion Tabidze as a magus comparable to W. B. Yeats.” – Donald Rayfield, OBE, Professor, Russian and Georgian Studies, Queen Mary University of London

“Dato Barbakadze speaks with a distinct voice and rare vision…. Always, poem by poem, there is within the poetry the warmth of real humanity and the brightness, the hungry intelligence of his song, fresh as new-fallen snow.” – Sam Hamill (1943-2018), master American poet

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