New Book by Jeffrey Kass: The Rona Diaries

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Jeffrey Kass The Rona Diaries hitting stores everywhere now.

“This wise and witty book reminds us of the intimate connection between genuine humor and real solidarity in our struggles against evils like racism and for the good such as justice and joy! In this age of catastrophe, we all are needful of The Rona Diaries! – Dr. Cornel West, American philosopher, political activist, intellectual, professor at Harvard and Yale Universities and author of twenty books including this classic, Race Matters.

Jeffrey Kass is an award-winning author, lawyer and community activist residing in Denver, Colorado. As an authoritative voice for those committed to the betterment of our world, Jeffrey Kass is a relentless champion for racial and societal engagement. Jeffrey’s insights rattle ingrained thinking, provoke dialogue, and ignite fresh approaches for navigating today’s rapidly evolving times. Jeffrey is the author of the End Racial Distancing Journal, available on, as well as the book Oreos and a Pack of Marlboro Lights, a collection of true traumedy stories. His stories and articles on race, religion, society, the Middle East and politics have appeared in national and regional publications for over twenty five years. He can be reached on his website,

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