New Book by Elizabeth Herting: Postcards from Waupaca

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by A. Elizabeth Herting Postcards from Waupaca hitting stores everywhere now.

The stories in Postcards From Waupaca are eclectic, ranging from heartwarming and nostalgic to thought-provoking and speculative. They could easily be enjoyed by a beach on a lazy summer’s day, during the holiday season to capture the Christmas spirit or sitting by a roaring fire on that infamous “dark and stormy night.” Waupaca is more than just a place, it’s a feeling. A destination that lives in the deepest corners of your heart. Come and heed the call of the lake with these memorable and enchanting tales.

A. Elizabeth Herting has had short fiction stories featured in many different publications, including podcasts, reprints, and poetry. She also has experience with non-fiction and as an online copywriter. Postcards from Waupaca is her second collection of short stories. The first one, Whistling Past the Veil was published by Adelaide Books in 2019. A. Elizabeth has also completed her first novel titled Wet Birds Don’t Fly at Night soon to be released.

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