New Book by Cynthia A. DiTaranto: Born Still but not Silent

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Cynthia A. DiTaranto Born Still But Not Silent hitting stores everywhere on September 30th, 2020.

“Forty-three years have passed since I birthed a stillborn daughter. The experience has been burnished in my soul morphing my being in a manner difficult to express. My poems are my gift to myself and my still daughter, those traveling the same path and others desiring insight into our world. According to the National Institute of Health, since 2003 stillbirths in the United States have remained at about 26,000 each year. This figure does not include loss from miscarriage and other causes of infant mortality. I offer my work as a means to reach out to others through poetry. As stillbirth research expands through the March of Dimes and universities such as Brown through the U.S. Department of Health, support and organizations grow such as Angel Names Association to assist those that have been touched by stillbirth. My poetry collection provides a compassionate comfort by offering my journey into the dark, still, night where my daughter met me. We returned together.” – Author

Cynthia A. DiTaranto left an eclectic work-related past behind allowing creativity to usher forth-reading, writing and painting fill her personal space. In addition to her two color-illustrated children’s books, she has been published in a variety of venues including: Narrative Northeast Literary and Art Review, With Painted Words, and Synesthesia Literary Journal. She is a member of the Art Association of Roxbury; The Write Stuff, a local writing group, and resides in New Jersey.

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