New Avionics Innovation Helps Airlines Reduce 800 Tonnes of Co2 Emissions as WeSky Delivers the World’s Lightest In-Seat Power Solution

While world and business leaders recently converged at COP27 in Egypt making promises to fulfill climate commitments to their 2050 accord, EU based avionics company WeSky launched an innovation that will help the commercial airline industry fulfill theirs; its first of a kind in-seat power system which is the lightest in the world and helps to reduce fuel consumption and aircraft weight thus lowering carbon emissions for a typical single aisle commercial aircraft.
The WeSky 60W USB Power Supply solution, recharge™️, is typically 70% lighter than existing equipment on the market. Other differentiations include increased flexibility and a faster delivery lead-time in light of current supply chain issues facing incumbent competitors.
Based on research and typical aircraft performance “this new recharge™️ solution will reduce an Airbus 321 carbon footprint by 16 tonnes/year, compared to other products offered by industry leaders. This means a commercial carrier with a fleet of 50 can save 250 tonnes of fuel consumption per year while also reducing carbon emission by 800 tonnes,” said Vytis Petrusevicius, CEO and Founder of WeSky.
With effective climate friendly solutions available, the aviation industry has an opportunity to put words into action and not only focus on a shift to using alternative and renewable fuels but also  benefit from the implementation of new equipment which promotes efficiency and helps the environment while also benefiting the consumer.
“The impact of recharge™️ is extremely significant when you think about how the Aviation Industry can speed up adaptation with such innovation. WeSky hopes to lead in bringing new avionics products to the market that have climate and sustainability at its core. With USB-C common charger regulations taking effect for portable electronics, the airlines will have a reliable solution that reduces the passenger need of traveling with extra battery packs and adaptors which is a further benefit for aircraft efficiency and safety,” said Leslie C. Bethel, WeSky Co-founder and Board Member. 
About WeSky
Among many avionics innovations, WeSky develops a smart USB in-seat power solution called recharge™️ that allow commercial airlines to provide enhanced in-flight experiences and operating efficiency through lowering aircraft weight and fuel consumption. 
WeSky was founded on the sole principle of developing aviation technology and innovation in electronics which can have a positive impact on operational efficiency while also helping legacy industries make immediate progress toward attaining their sustainable goals which is critical to our planet and survival.
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