New Air Purifier From Kemper America Kills Viruses and Bacteria to Keep Us Safe & Healthy

Kemper America has introduced a highly effective air purifier that filters out all the harmful aerosols, viruses, and bacteria, from the air we breathe.
Quiet, safe, and eco-friendly, the AirCO2NTROL is ideal for use in a wide range of areas where people could be exposed to pathogens, including deadly viruses.
Kemper has 44 years of experience in the air purification industry. The company is a leading manufacturer of industrial welding exhaust systems and equipment. Their cutting-edge extraction technology keeps working environments safe from gases, fumes, and dust.
Their engineers designed the device to meet the exacting requirements of a 2020 scientific study that examined the best way to keep schools safe during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
Besides schools and kindergartens, the new air purifier is ideal for:
How the AirCO2NTROL Air Purifier Works
A plug-and-play machine, the AirCO2NTROL air purifier operates continuously. Set it once and forget about it while it cleans the air permanently, 24/7.
The main high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is 99.995% effective, filtering out bacteria and viruses, some of which are only 80 nanometers in size and invisible to the human eye.
Both the prefilter and main filter of the unit are certified for efficiency by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the German standards organization, DIN.
It ensures a reliable six-fold air volume exchange every hour in rooms up to 100 m2 and even more in smaller rooms. This is a critical factor specified in the scientific study mentioned above to significantly reduce the risk of infection from bacteria and viruses.
Features of the AirCO2NTROL Air Purifier
The new air purifier has many features that make it great for public spaces:
Get it, set it, forget it, and have peace of mind that your facility will remain safe and healthy. Contact Kemper America today to order.
Source: Kemper America