Network Marketing Diaries 5 July – Don’t waste your life giving lots of information — this free ebook will transform your network marketing life I’m here to help other Network Marketers become successful no matter what company they are working with and I do it for free. Maria Whitehead “It takes a team to create great success” Don’t waste your life giving lots of information Tom “Big Al” Schreiter says “Let me tell you about fat people. I just left the buffet line at Caesar’s Casino in Atlantic City. What did I see? Fat people. People who shouldn’t be there eating. Every time I went back to the buffet line, I saw more fat people. Every trip to the dessert buffet? Yes, I saw more fat people. Now, we all got the memo. We all know exactly how to lose weight. We have the information, the reports, the videos and we know all we have to do is to “eat less food and exercise more.” We got the whole presentation. The facts. The data. But … people don’t make decisions on what to do based upon information. Information and presentations have little or nothing to do with what we choose to do. If information and presentations worked, you wouldn’t see any fat people, right? And you are going to see a lot of fat people after you read this newsletter! So here is the lesson that we should never forget. Our presentation, our information, our videos and our brochures have little or nothing to do with our prospect’s decision to join. Ouch. All of this information is a waste of time. So if you are still giving lots of information to prospects with

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