Network Marketing Business Plan : Effective Marketing for Network Marketing / MLM Marketing

http// – My name is Alex Mayhew. About 5 years ago I got involved into Internet / Network Marketing, like you, trying to find a better way of life. I wanted to quit my 9-5 doing things I HATED to do… and thought if I didn’t do something fast… then this would last the rest of my life. UNACCEPTABLE! So I said… "What Can I Do To Gain FREEDOM?" Not just financially… but the freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to do it and most importantly… Do what I LOVE! So I decided to do WHATEVER it took… which lead me to buying into cookie cutter programs that didnt work for me, buying all sorts of E-Books, Watching seminars which ended up being a pitch-fest. IT GOT ANNOYING AND I GOT FRUSTRATED! I kept at it for a few years, learning as much as I could about Network Marketing and MLM. Without my goal for freedom… I would have given up about 5 years ago (haha). So i weeded through the tons of mis-information and all the systems that are out there… I didn’t really like what I saw! Talk about a bummer! SO… I linked up with some big players in the industry and got a clearer focus on what I needed to do… HERES WHAT I DID: I created a system called… Targeted Lead System… Which is a COMPLETE – ALL IN ONE – SYSTEM… Everything you need is given to you right when you sign up for the free 2 week test drive… which costs ONLY $1 DOLLAR! and is easily cancelled within those 2 weeks IF you decide you don’t <b>…&lt

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