Network Communications Announced Business Alliance with Our Athletes to Accelerate Promotional Support of US Olympic Athletes

By matching athletes and corporation’s needs, Network Communications accelerate the promotional activities of professional athletes and corporations.

disNetwork Communications Corp., (Network Communications), a global communication agency based in Asakusa, Tokyo, and the Washington DC Area, today announced the conclusion of a business tie-up contract with Our Athletes, a company in New Jersey, USA, which supports promotion of American Olympic athletes and Hopefuls to secure sponsorship deals and opportunities.

Since Network Communications launched “Yeah Go!”, which provides athletes and public figure management services in June 2018, Network Communications is contributing to the expansion of opportunities for athletes and public figures. Currently, Network Communications is managing one professional windsurfer, four shoot boxing fighters, and one comedic storyteller.

Network Communications’ business alliance with Our Athletes means further expansion of its activities to North America. As the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is approaching closely, as part of expanding the awareness of Japanese and American athletes who need support, the business tie-up of Network Communications and Our Athletes will strengthen matching support of companies that aim to grow their brand values.

Currently, we are actively offering opportunities to corporations and individuals to sponsor athletes who work hard every day in the highly competitive sports circle so that they can receive assistance and the support they deserve to pursue their dreams.

For more information about Network Communications and Our Athletes, please see the link below.

・Our Athletes:
・Yeah Go!:

【Sponsorship Examples】
・Face of your brand advertisement campaign.
· Invite an athlete as a motivational speaker to your seminars or meetings.
· Invite professional athletes to sports events to encourage aspiring athletes.

【About Network Communications】
Established in 2009. With our unchanging mission to bring every valuable local service to global markets, we are supporting outbound and inbound PR and business development in Tokyo and Washington DC area to accelerate communications among international companies.

【About Our Athletes】
Our Athletes helps Olympic Athletes and Hopefuls secure sponsorship deals and opportunities. Helping our National Heroes obtain more recognition and financial support for the immense amount of work they put in on a daily basis wakes us up in the morning and keeps us up at night. Our Athletes is also delivering a podcast that invites Olympic medalists, Hopefuls and former Olympic athletes as guests and talks about their way to the Olympics and their respective experiences.

Our Athletes by Our Athletes

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