Netsertive Expands Customer Base, Garners Recognition and Accelerates Innovation to Simplify Marketing Operations

Netsertive, a marketing technology provider that enables franchise brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized digital marketing at scale, has announced several new brand customers in it’s franchise and multi-location segment, while starting 2023 out with business accolades for Best Tech Places to Work, a Top Franchise Marketing Supplier by Entrepreneur, a Power Partner Award Winner by Inc. Business Media, and three Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service Excellence. The company also released new product innovation to enable brands to simplify their marketing operations and better understand their network through benchmarking and ROI analytics.
Last year’s Marketing Technology Landscape illustrates the powerful growth in MarTech space, making it more critical than ever for marketers to integrate and simplify their tools to ensure real-time, efficient marketing execution and decision-making. In 2022, Netsertive released over 100 platform updates to deepen analytics, benchmarking, and marketing program attribution, along with expanding innovation for dynamic data feeds. The company also integrated with new CRM systems to provide end-to-end MarTech interoperability and further simplify the complexity of the digital ecosystem for multi-location marketers.
“With Netsertive, we don’t get stuck in the one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing,” says Larisa Walega, Vice President of Marketing at Ziebart International. “Netsertive allows us to hyper-localize and analyze campaigns across all of our locations, drill down to the data to understand the higher and lower performers, what’s working to replicate with others, all while being able to rapidly make changes in real time.”
“It’s not enough to simply have reports from last month showing lots of marketing data,” says Brendan Morrissey, Co-founder and CEO of Netsertive. “Multi-location marketers are challenged with executing sophisticated, hyper-localized campaigns at scale, while also consolidating data in real-time to make sense of it all. We’re excited to leverage our best-of-breed platform by seamlessly integrating with our customers’ existing systems and simplifying their localized marketing execution.”
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Netsertive delivers multi-location marketing technology solutions that enable franchise brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized marketing at the intersection of our proprietary technology and deep hyper-local expertise. Our Multi-Location Experience Platform creates, deploys and provides the data to efficiently manage profitable, localized marketing at scale while you focus on delivering value to your customers.
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